lunedì 17 dicembre 2018

Relaxing weekend

Hello readers!

It's a long, long time I don't write something. I'm so sorry, I have been busy.

Last weekend was particularly relaxing for me.

On Saturday my aunt and me went to a trip in Verona. In the morning we visited the "Xmas village" in Bussolengo, in the province of Verona. There was a lot of Christmas decorations and a lot of sweets and chocolates. I loved some coloured endless roses, they were fantastic. For lunch we ate in a farmhouse. It was nice.

In the afternoon we went to the centre of Verona for visiting the Christmas markets. They were small, but very nice. There, I found a beautiful swarowski ring for me and a parure composed by earring and necklace for my mom. There was also the arena to see and a big lighted star in front of the arena. We came back for dinner and than I fall asleep very early.

On Sunday, my boyfriend and I went to the Festival of the Orient where we saw many oriental things. There was a lot of stands with jewels, souvenirs, food, drink and other, all coming from Asia. There was also three stages where were performed many themes like dances, chinese and japanese tea ceremony, yoga, aura and chi lessons, and many other I didn't participate. There were also two conferences room where they talked about many oriental things, uses and habits. There was a lot of food stands, some were italian food stands and they were all delicious. Early in the afternoon we did some shopping, buying some licorice, a ring and a necklace. After shopping we came back home earli in the evening.

How was your weekednd? I hope you had a beautiful time.


sabato 6 ottobre 2018

Fall Favorites 2018

I think fall is the season of relaxing. It gives us a lot of beautiful landscapes thanks to its colors. 

TEA: I love tea, all kind of tea, and I usually have one type for each moment of the day. For breakfast, I have "English Breakfast" tea with lemon and biscuits, for the afternoon I usually drink a cup of "Earl Grey" or "Darjeeling" and in the evening I prefer herbal tea or camomille tea.

COFFEE: I like cappuccino with sugar and a lot of milk.

CANDY OR COOKIES: I really love cookies and cakes, better if they are made of chocolate.

DINNER: any kind of vegetable soups.

SCARF: now that I tided my wardrobe, I've found a lot of scarves in it. I will use them alternating.

COAT: for the autumn I always use the wool coats made by my mother. They are so soft and warm.

SHOES: my favorite pair of shoes are a pair of caramel bootie, but sometimes I use also a pair of black one.

SCENTED CANDLE: I've just found a green tea scented candle and I'm really liking it.

ACTIVITY: I like playing computer games, watching films or hanging out with friends. But my favorite activity is reading a book, lying on my bed, with a good scented candle lighted up and a burning fire sound as ambiance.

Do you have any favorite tea for the Autumn? Do you have any favorite scented candle? What do you like the most doing in autumn? Let me know in the comments.


giovedì 23 agosto 2018

Summer holidays

Hello readers! How are you? How is going your summer?

Mine was a little confused. I spent the most of the time taking care of my broken leg, but last week I spent three beautiful days in a five-stars spa hotel with my boyfriend. We wanted to celebrate our permanent employment staying at a luxurious hotel and it was great. Wonderful room, wonderful pools, and wonderful food. We found also a beautiful weather. Sun and hot, and a nice refreshing breeze.
Took by me
Took by me
Took by me
During this summer I watched a lot of old films and I projected a new simple cosplay with a group of friends for an event next Sunday.

What about your summer? Is it finished for you or do you have something more to do? Tell me in the comments and have a nice week!


giovedì 9 agosto 2018

Book Review: Ti odio con tutto il cuore

Took from Google Image
Welcome back, readers!

During these days I read a book I bought two or three years ago, but I have never had the occasion to start it. The title is "Ti odio con tutto il cuore" (I hate you with all my heart) and it is written by an Italian young woman.

The story talks about a woman that hate a man, who is a famous chef and that he used to be his best friend when they were younger. For all the first half of the book, she really hates him, but then she starts to change and finally she forgive him.

I liked the book in general. It has beautiful descriptions of New York and Miami. I love it more because of it talks a lot about the Italian food and the Italian passion for food. The love story is nice. It's full of pull-and-spring between the two protagonists. Even if it isn't the kind of stories I usually like, I appreciated it.

Have you ever had the occasion of reading it? Someone would leave some comment about the book?

Have a nice week.

domenica 5 agosto 2018

Summer purchases

Hello readers! How's going your summer?

I finally recovered almost completely my leg. Now I can start again working even if I still have to pay attention. I have to be patient too because sometimes it still hurts. But it doesn't matter! Now I'm fine and yesterday morning I went for a little shopping.

I took advantage of sales and I bought some new makeup products so I can through away some old ones. I bought also two swimsuits, a pair of jeans shorts, a bathrobe and a pair of slippers for the pool...yes, my boyfriend and I will go to the spa also this year, summer this time. Now that our jobs let us have vacationed in summer, during the same days, we want to enjoy them!
Took by me
Took by me - I like both, but I love the one at the right
Took by me - the slippers are so sweet
Took by me - I'm so happy about finding shorts of my size
How about your summer projects? Do you go somewhere on vacations? What do you usually prefer: sea or mountains? Feel free to leave comments.

Have a nice weekend!

sabato 30 giugno 2018

Little walk around home

My leg is almost completely healed and the physiotherapy is going very well. Now, I'm able to walk normally, more or less. I'm still slow, but less than before.

Yesterday morning I went out with my mother for a little walk around the home. We went to our little vegetable garden. She picked up vegetables while I took some pictures of some beautiful flowers.
The flowers of my uncultivated oregano


Canna Lilies


I didn't do anything special, but I was so happy and these pictures are so good. I'm not a photographer, but I like taking some pictures, especially of nature.

Have a nice day.

Hybrids War - Session 00 #0

Characters' Introduction
From google image

In one year after the first brutal murder, others followed. Rome has been terrified for eight or nine months. Also, the Lazio suffered the terror of those monsters. All the journals and tv news talked about it. Legends like vampires and wolfmen were staying on everyone’s lips. In the night anyone stayed out until too late.

The population was divided into two factions: those who stayed with monsters and those who fought them for saving themselves and their families. In one year many families were exterminated.

Those who specialized in the area said that those new monsters hunted only vampires and lycanthropes and that they were themselves hybrids of the two races.

Suddenly the fans of the genre augmented and in some universities were born some specific courses. Most of the students attended these courses trying to understand how were born the hybrids. But the universities didn’t give any good information that would have lead the students to real answers…not directly, at least. The students were provided of all the tools they needed for doing research independently. Only the most gifted students could take the least evident tools. One of them, Christian, was a real well of passion. He constantly dedicated to the study and always obtained excellent marks. Was there something that attracted him, or had he been captured by the classical charm of the occult?

When he didn’t study at the university or at home, he went to the Colombo’s house huge library. And there he made friend with the landlord: a young man that received as an inheritance all that property from his deceased uncle. His name was Antonio and he came from a wealthy family. Antonio was a scholar of the occult, like Chris, but his capacities and his resources allowed him to study on his own, at home, in his library.

In the city there were other fans, who for work, who for hobby. In general, if they weren’t formally acknowledged, they didn’t expose themselves too much. The best places where to find those people were the Catacombs. Under Rome they extended for kms and after the appearing of the hybrids they became the home for hundreds of survivors. Virgilio was one of them. All those that were working with him in the souvenir shop near the Colosseum were dismembered a morning of the preview September. It would have been finished also for him if he wouldn’t have been in late.  Shocked because of that massacre, he grabbed some statuettes and took shelter at the Catacombs.

The event of that day increased the attention threshold. Some military forces were called to Rome for the safety of the city. Tony, a recalled soldier from the Middle East for the project “safe roads”, and his colleague Bepi, arrived exactly that day.

The Vatican increased its forces too with the Swiss Guards, even if any priests or others were targeted. Each guard has the job of protecting the Pope from the fiends, and that was well known by Hans.

The internet was another worrying place. It was the principal source of information, especially for those of the Militia that were always hunting those of the Resistance. Gabriele, called “the Rat”, was one of the best hackers that actively supported the Resistance. He couldn’t stand monsters that killed anyone came to shot…vampires and lycanthropes payed attention to it at least.

One day, all seven received a message from an unknown anonymous number that showed them a place and a time for a meeting.


venerdì 29 giugno 2018

Nice and Different Thursday Evening

By me
Hello readers!

It's almost 2 months I broke my  leg and now, finally, I'm starting to walk again. Yesterday evening my boyfriend bought his "new" car and than came to me saying "Change your clothes and let's go out together!". What a really lovely idea he had.

We drove for 10 minutes, more or less, and then we decided where to go for dinner. We went in a nice alehouse, where they cook some nice dishes and where we found also a friend of us. We eat, we drunk and we chat, having a beautiful improvised evening.

Have you ever improvised an evening with friends or boyfriend? Which kind of locals would you like to go in? Leave comments with your answers and...nice Friday everybody!


martedì 19 giugno 2018

Film Review: Annihilation

Hello readers!

Finally I watched the film of the first book of my favourite trillogy. I was waiting for it for 3 years and now it arrived! I'm talking about the "Area X" trillogy. I read the books and then I was waiting for the films. You can find the review of the books in these 3 posts:
From google images
A group of five women is sent into an area strangely covered by a strange barrier. Inside it, the vegetation is everywhere and it is in a continuous expansion. The five women have the mission of find new informations about the anomaly. They start their journey and the most they go into, the most they descover uncommon mutations. They are particularly hit by a macabre video of the previeus expedition and by a mysterious "composition". Along their way they are also attacked by a crocodile and a bear-shape being that had a human voice. Only two of them arrive to the lighthouse, the structure that seemed a possible fulcrum of everything.

In general I liked the film. It's atmosphere is mysterious enough and sometimes distressing but not so much. The special effects are good, I liked in particular the bear-shape being and the human shape who copied all the movements of the protagonist in the final scene.
From google image
I don't feel really able to write an objective comment about the film because I read the book before. I found a lot of differences and I have to say that I prefer the book. Its atmosphere was more obscure and more distressing, instead of the film where it sometimes resulted like if they were in the Alice's Wonderland.

As usual, I suggest you to see the film, it's worth it. It's on Netflix but you can also find it in streaming.

Have a nice day!

sabato 2 giugno 2018

Hybrids War - Prologue

Drawn by me

In Rome it seemed a normal Saturday night. The locals swarmed of people, some drunk and some other less. The centre was lighted up and also all the monuments. Trevi fountain was shining among all those groups of tourists, Saint Peter’s Basilica was the master and the Parliament was full of politicians work. Nothing demonstrated that Saturday night would be different from the others.

In the suburbs everything was tranquil. Some passers-by were walking back home, some cars shot with high volume music.

Later in the night, or earlier in the morning, everything calmed down. Going straight on his home street, a man was tottering. When he arrived in front of the gate he took the key for unlock it, but he heard something at his back. He turned but there was nothing strange. Probably it was only the alcohol. He succeeded on opening the gate, even if with some difficulties, and he entered the alleyway. While he was walking with some difficulties reaching the door, a presence shot again at his back. At that point he understood there was something strange. Suddenly he turned and drew a knife from the pocket. His breath started to shorten. The sweat started to cover his face. He asked once “Who’s there?” and a shape assaulted and dismembered the man. All finished in a few seconds and the black shape disappeared as it appeared. From there all begun.


domenica 27 maggio 2018


I want to tell you a story. A story born into the wood, from an old weeping willow...

There was a glittering pond in the centre of a clearing. All around it, there was flowers of all kind and only an ancient big weeping willow. The place was so tranquil. There could be heard the voice of wind and the delicate sound of the water drops who acted as music background.
The voices of small animals were the main instruments. The wing beating of the moths gave the rythm and the continuos and constant sound of the crickets seemed an harmonious group of strings. The sang of the cicadas seemed to be the voices of solo singers. Inside that silence, all those sounds started to be a beautiful concert.

The fireflies started their dance on the music of those special artists. They twirled and moved so gracefully, like pretty classic dancers, escaping from the bats. They danced and danced, but something stopped all for a moment.
A strong deep voice broke into the concert. The solo singer, the leading lady. A big wonderful owl appeared and after a little moment of silence, the orchestra started again. And following, the fireflies and the bats started dancing againg, for all the night.

domenica 20 maggio 2018

3 things I've loved this week

Like the last 2 weeks, I spent this week at home, with my leg in plaster. But from thrusday I started to do some little walks...from the kitchen to the terrace :D

1. I spent a little of time in the terrace, under the sun, looking at the landscape behind our home.

2. I put a nice gold nail polish. I really liked it. I thought it was too lively, but it revealed soft enough for me. So lovely.
Took by me
3. On saturday evening my boyfriend and I had dinner together and than played at a board game.
Took by me - Zombicide Fantasy
How has been your week? Tell me something about it.
Have a nice Sunday!

sabato 12 maggio 2018

Hybrids War - Introduction

Took from me
"Hybrids War" is a campaing I created for our group of friends, with the rules of the RPG "World of Darkness".

The most common setting for this RPG are the metropolis of USA like New York. But I didn't choose any of them. I chose to set it in the odiern Italy, with all its merits and defects. I thought it is the perfect place in the perfect time for the plot. Let me explain why.

Actually, Italy is politically unsettled, more than before. After the elections of March, we still don't have a solid government and, as usual, the bureaucracy is more than very long. Where there are needed particular authorizations, people start to do things even if they don't have them.

"But the authorization?"
"Oh, it will come, it will come, don't worry".
- quote Marco Paolini in "Vajont" -

I wanted to use vampires, lycantropes and mages, which they are really nice in "World of Darkness". These three kind of supernatural beings would be certainly considered "devil's sons" in Italian socieaty but some fools would be able to use these beasts to fight the beasts themselves. 

Furthermore, Italy is full of gloomy places with gloomy stories. Why I couldn't invent some more gloomy stories for some places I visited? In the village where I live there are at least two or three places that are so suggestives. Some of them have a story but others don't. Why I cannot invent one for them?

"All the great stories deserve an embellishment."
- quote Gandalf in "The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey" -

The main plot talks about monsters who apparently appeared from nothing and started to kill people in Rome. At the beguinning it seems that monsters kill people casually, but some investigations revel that they kill only supernatural beings. After one year people are devided into two faction: those who help monsters killing the devil's sons called Militia and those who want to destroy monsters for the safety of their families called Resistence. Some members of the Resistence are asked to look for some new strong members in the cities near Rome. But when they come back to Rome they descover that the monsters called hybrids, reached the nearest regions. Now they have to find the strongest supernatural people they know and they have to quickly investigate finding the place where the hybrids come from.

If you're curious let's keep an eye on the blog. I will post the story in episodes.

See you soon.

lunedì 7 maggio 2018

Someone told me that I will have a lot of free time...

Well, what can I say? Bad luck is able to see wanderfully.
On friday morning I was working, as usual and it happened. I programmed the entire work day and I stumbled and broke my ankle. Doctors saied me I have to rest for one month and probabilly more than only one.

I really don't like the situation. Even if I have only one leg down, I can't do anything! And I need help for everything. I've never expected that I would be so immobilized.
Some friends told me "wow! you will have a lot of free time now!". They were joking, but it's true. So, I will take all the advantages from this situation! I hope I will find some interesting topics for my blog. I'm also planning to post a story divided in episodes, I have a lot of time for plan it well.

I wish you a better month than mine!
Have a nice day!

giovedì 3 maggio 2018

Game Review: Love Nikki

Took from Google Images
It has been some weeks, probabilly more than one month that I descovered this really nice game for smartphone.

"Love Nikki" talks about fashion. You are a girl who arrived in a strange world where they are always competing for the best dressing suit in each occasion (levels). For each level succesfully completed you always gain money and often you gain something else like tops, bottoms, dresses, accessory and so on. Every day you have a login prize and other rewards based on the events of the moment.
You can also compete against other players in the "Stylist's arena" or in the "Competition". The game give you a theme and you can dress up your avatar in the best way you can. You can use your Facebook profile or you can create one before starting.
Took from me
Took from me
Took from me
I like fashion but I'm not a fashion girl. My favourite suit is composed by the most comfortable pair of jeans and tee I find in my wardrobe. But sometimes I like changing and making an effort trying to put on something different and well combined. "Love Nikki" is a really nice game. It's giving me so many ideas! I really like it and I suggest you to try it.

Have a nice day!

lunedì 30 aprile 2018

How to be a good RPG Narrator

Took from Google images
It has been 7 years I started playing RPGs as a player. Before now I have never tryed seriously to be a narrator. It has been one years I started to try it. It's funny and it's also difficult, especially when your party is composed by expert players. Untill now, I've learnt many interesting things.

  1. Read manuals. If you don't know rules, you can't be able to manage well a session. Being a narrator means to entertain you and your friends during each meeting and rules prevent possible arguments. Then, you can use rules as you want, it depends from the kind of RPG. There are some that let you a lot of freedom and others that let you less.
  2. Follow the story...but don't force the players. A narrator have to be flexible. It isn't funny for players being forced to do something they wouldn't. Write down the main plot and give your party the right quantity of freedom.
  3. Fill your mind up with a good reserve of improvisation. I'm not able to read minds and I have never known anyone who's able to do yet. For each situation, you can think at multiple solutions, your group will choose the ones you didn't think at. You will be taken by surprise for the most of the times but you can't demonstrate it. The show must go on, in any case.
  4. Bluff. Rolling some dice behind the narrator' screen is psychologically worrying for players. They can't know the results, so they can't know what should happens. If you roll some dice without necessity the situation become a little more spicy, keeping high the attention of players.
  5. Be equally right with everyone. Follow the rules and let your friends do almost anything they want. And justify why they can't do that action.
These are the most important rules I think a good narrator should follow. What do you think about? Have you ever played RPGs? What do you prefere to be: player or narrator? Let's leave comments with your opinions.

Have a nice monday!

domenica 22 aprile 2018

Because sometimes we need to rearrange ideas

It's a bit of time I don't write anything. I noticed I was falling on monotony with my blog. I took these three weeks for study what I was doing wrong and I found some mistakes. Now I'm rearranging ideas for recovering the blog and make it less monotonous, like I was doing at the beguinning.
Took from Google Images
For (re)starting well, in this post I will talk about my new daily routine.
First of all, I work. I worked a lot, from Monday to Friday. I'm really loving my new job. I work eight hours a day and all my evenings are "free"...more or less. On Monday and Wednesday evening I give private lessons. On Tuesday and Thrusday I meet with my bofriend and friends for our Role Playing Games. On Friday evening I have violin lesson. On Saturday morning I usually stay home or I go to the open-air market with Mum. In the afternoon I stay with Diego watching animes or other tv series and in the evening we meet with other friends. On Sunday I usually stay home. I relax, I keep time for me, for playing ocomputer games or watching films. I use my little free time also for thinking about future. My boyfriend and I are projecting to leave our respective home. We are thinking to a little flat where we can finally live together.

I'm taking care of me a little more than before. I use a little more of makeup products and I'm trying new style of wearing and makeup. I'm studying a good diet for me with the right quantity of physical activity. I will ask advices to a friend of mine who studied and who is working in this area.
Took from me - Spaghetti with mussels
I found again the pleasure of cooking. When I have time I cook something good for my work lunch of the day after. And in the weekend I cook something good for Mum, Dad or friends. My last experiences in restaurants weren't so awful at the end. I had bad days, it's sure, but I learnt a lot to.

Have a nice Sunday!

domenica 1 aprile 2018

3 things I've loved this week

Hello readers and happy Easter Day!

This week was, in general, tranquill. I worked a lot, but on friday I worked only in the morning. My headmaster gave me a Easter Colomba, one of our tipical italian cakes. I have never receved something from my headmasters.
Took from me
1. This week started with a lovely weather. My new collegue and I had lunch outside, sat on a pile of 3 pallets with a piece of a large box for let us sitting better. Really nice.

2. On Friday night I went to the cinema with my boyfriend...we went to the cinema after 7 years we have been engaged! We have never been to a cinema before. We watched "Ready player one" and it was so beautiful! I liked it very much.

3. Easter Day was a nice day. In the morning I cooked, than we had lunch all together and...oh! ti's 18 o'clock! But, we've just finished lunch! My mistake. We finished two ore three hours before and than we chatted or the rest of the time.
Took from me.
How was your week? And what about your Easter Day? Let me know in the comments!

Have nice holidays!

sabato 31 marzo 2018

Just a minute in...March

March ended yet? Really? Wow! It flew away like its days.
I started my new job more than one month ago and I still cannot believe I don't work in the weekends. My evenings are all "free"...I mean, I don't work, but I'm busy the same. On Monday and Wednesday I give private lessons and on Tuesday, Thrusday and Friday I meet friends for playing. On Saturday and Sunday I meet my boyfriend or I stay at home relaxin. It's all so stable, I'm happy. I always have been looking for this stability, since when I finished school. And finally I found it.
READING: Some blog posts.
WATCHING: I started to watch the new series of "Overlord".
LISTENING: I'm listening to the radio.
BUYING: I bought two books for violin.
LOVING: I'm loving my new job, this is sure. And I love drawing mandals to. I found an app for my smartphone that lets me color mandalas and it inspired me to draw them. They are really relaxing.
WANTING: I want to study and I'm looking for it.
FEELING: I'm so happy! I found a job that let me study when and what I want. I have only to decide what to study. I'm really happy.

How was your March? Let me know in the comments.

Happy Easter Eve!

domenica 25 marzo 2018

3 things I've loved this week

Hello readers!

How are you? My week flew away, as usual recently. The 3 things I loved most this week were:

1. The weekend started from friday lunch. My new headmaster decided to have lunch all together for party the new starting of te company. We ate in a wonderful restaurant where they have an all-you-can-eat fixed-price buffet menu all lunches from monday to friday. And they cook so well! I ate so much!
Took from me
2. On friday evening I went to my sister's house for watching a film together, but we both fell asleep early. On Saturday morning we woke up early and we chatted a lot befor I came back home. Than my mother and I went to the open-air market. In the evening my boyfriend and I went out for dinner.

3. On Sunday I stayed home, relaxing and playing and blogging. After so many weekend spent working, it seems so unreal I can stay home or hung out with friends.

How was your week? Let me know in the comments.

Have a nice Sunday.

giovedì 22 marzo 2018

Music Tag

Hey there!

Some days ago I was thinking to a nice post and I thought to this tag. Music is one of my biggest passions so i would share with you and know something about your relationship with music.


1. Do you like listening to music?
Absolutely yes! I love music and I can't stay without it.

2. What song are you listening in this moment?
I'm listening to a 3 hour long jazz song. I found it on YouTube.

3. Ehat is your favorite kind of music?
My favourite kind of music are classical and metal, but I like also jazz and folk.

4. What is your favorite song?
This a very difficult question for me. I can say that the song I listen to more times is "The Devil's Trill" by Giuseppe Tartini.

5. What is your favorite instrument?
I don't like only one instrument. I better like a family of instruents: the strings. Violins, violas, double basses, cellos and so on.

6. Would you like playing an instrument?
I wouldn't, I'm playing an instrument. The violin is givin me a lot of satisfaction.

7. What kind of radio do you prefer to listen?
I like listening radio 105. It's an italian radio that make me lough a lot.

8. What kind of apps or pc programs do you use for listening to music?
For my Windows smartphone and tablet I use "Groove" and for my pc I use the Windows Media Player.

9. Do you like creating music? Which softwers do you use fo music creation?
I used to like create music since some years ago, than I had no more time. I used to use "Magix Music" and "Nero".

10. Are there songs that make you think to precise people you know?
Yes and I really love this. When I listen a song that makes me remember a precise person it seems that the person is there with me.

11. Are there songs that make you think to a color?
Oh yes and not only one!

12. Are there songs that cause in you particular emotion?
Yes, sometimes. Some songs I particularly love give me goose bumps.

13. Think at two kind of music you don't like. Why you don't like them?
I don't like disco music and tecno music. I call them "tunz-tunz" music because they all have the same rythm and melody. Or better, for me, they don't have melody. They bore me and don't cause in me any kind of moods.

14.  What would be the OST (Original Sound Track) of your life?
The OST of my life would be "The Devil's Trill" by Giuseppe Tartini.

Let's tag someone!
- Martina - Sweetie Tulip
- Victoria Grace - Wandere's Pen
- Anna - Anna Alina Blog
- Elise - Kinkx
- Laura - A Little Bit of Laura

I would you consider this post like a game and have a little of fun with it. Don't feel forced to do it! Once you answered the questions you can tag or not everybody you want.

Enjoy yourself!