mercoledì 28 dicembre 2016

Anime Review: One Punch Man

Wellcome back readers!
Last week a finished to watch the first series of One Punch Man made by the Madhouse studio, inspired by the manga of the same name created by the mangaka One.

The protagonist of the anime is a young unemployed boy, Saitama, that can defeat all his enemies with a single punch. Saitama describes himself as a person whose hobby is being a superhero.

The anime could seems something boring and taken for garanted, but it isn't. The protagonist is depicted like a simpleton and dumb person. He is particularly interested on monsters that appear in his city and he's always looking for one of them stronger. Other characters of the anime seems to be cooler than him, but every time you think something similar, Saitama arrives with one of his punches and knock down the opponent of the moment.

Personally, I found this anime uncommon and it gives me the feeling that its creator would mock other animes of the same genre (DragonBall, Naruto, HunterXHunter and so on). Even if I would not say, I like it. I would not say it beacuse before I watched it I was always saying my boyfriend: "I don't like it. It's boring and the protagonist is stupid!". Instead, I have to say that it is really nice (especially some secondary characters :P ). Know, saying that I don't like it, I am waiting for the second series. Yes, beacuse, I repeat, I (don't) like it XD

Well, did you see it? What do you think about? Leave your comments below, don't be shy!
Have a nice week and Marry Christmas and Happy new year!

giovedì 15 dicembre 2016

Anime review: Elfen Lied

Hello friends!
The last anime my boyfriend and I watched was "Elfen Lied" directed by Mamoru Kanabe in 2004 and inspired by Lynn Okamoto's manga (2002).

It talk about Lucy, a young girl escaped from a laboratory and hosted in an old hotel of two young persons' relatives. Lucy is a "Diclonius", a person able to use vectors, additional invisible hands, and into the laboratory she was considered an important studying subject for the scientists of the place.

I really liked this anime, especially for its very strong topics: memory loss caused by a very upsetting event and the killing of female infants infected by this dangerous abilities.
Nakedness is frequently showed, but watching the episodes you don't immediately realize that you have just seen a naked female body (completely different from "Highschool of the dead", do you remember?).
What about the story? Not so expected as you can think watching the first episodes, but it's also not so complicated.

Have you seen it? What do you think about? Feel free to leave comments in the space below, as usual.
Have a nice weekend.

domenica 11 dicembre 2016

Because Fall Rhymes With...Apple and Tea

Hello readers!
Some days ago I was reading some posts of one of my favourite bloggers and I was inspired by one in particular that talked about Fall.

Fall isn't my favourite season but there are some things that I love:

  • First af all, apples! I love them cut in slices, in cakes, with a soft dose of cinnamon, mixed in salad with walnuts or simply cooked into the wood oven (all food is better cooked with our old wood stove)...I could put them everywhere!
  • And what could accompany a delicate piece of apple pie? A wonderful hot big cup of tea! Darjeeling, Earl Grey, Rooibos...I recently descovered a beautiful tea shop where I can find all kind of teas and infuses. Nothing could make me happier than my favourite cup filled with a good tea.
  • Finally, I love Fall's colours: red, orange and yellow. They are able to cover the cold air that blow against me.

Well, these are the three things that I love most of Fall.
Hope you liked this post and...tell me waht do you like about this magic season in the comments below!

Have a nice Sunday!

sabato 10 dicembre 2016

Anime Review: Highschool of the dead.

Hello blog's friends!
Last week I was skimming the Yamato Video's channel on YouTube, searching for something new, and I saw some previews about this anime, "Highschool of the dead", showing sexy girls. I was stunned by these imagines, because I heared it talked about zombies! So I proposed my boyfriend to watch it together and...well, I can't say that I didn't like it, but I have to say that it never will be in my top ten favourite animes list.

After watched the first series (I won't watch the second if there is or will be one) I resume it saying (vulgarly) "It talk about zombies...tits and asses". I'm really not able to understand why five girls are always thinking to their tits while they are hiding and escaping from famished zombies! Anyway, putting aside the story (too assumed) and the expilicit subject, I really liked the mangaka's stile.

Well, this is all falks. As you know, I don't like spoiling, so, I won't say any other.

Have a nice weekend.