sabato 10 dicembre 2016

Anime Review: Highschool of the dead.

Hello blog's friends!
Last week I was skimming the Yamato Video's channel on YouTube, searching for something new, and I saw some previews about this anime, "Highschool of the dead", showing sexy girls. I was stunned by these imagines, because I heared it talked about zombies! So I proposed my boyfriend to watch it together and...well, I can't say that I didn't like it, but I have to say that it never will be in my top ten favourite animes list.

After watched the first series (I won't watch the second if there is or will be one) I resume it saying (vulgarly) "It talk about zombies...tits and asses". I'm really not able to understand why five girls are always thinking to their tits while they are hiding and escaping from famished zombies! Anyway, putting aside the story (too assumed) and the expilicit subject, I really liked the mangaka's stile.

Well, this is all falks. As you know, I don't like spoiling, so, I won't say any other.

Have a nice weekend.

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