domenica 29 ottobre 2017

3 things I've loved this week

This week arrived my vacations and started also the time for relax.
1. The first thing I've loved this week was my holiday spot at hot springs. I really loved it because I needed a bit of relax.
2. I appreciated my boyfriend's suggestion of having lunch at our favourite japanese restaurant. Usually I'm the one who suggests these things and hear the suggestion coming from my boyfriend made me happy a lot.
3. Mt new bag. It's lovely as I wanted it. I saw it accidentally among other lovely (and expensive) things.

Did you do something lovely this week? Let me know in the comments.


venerdì 27 ottobre 2017

Vacations At Hot Springs

Hello readers!
I'm back from my beautiful vacations dedicated to my boyfrind, me and relax.

We stayed three days at the Hotel Terme Dolomiti in Abano Terme. It was a three stars hotel and we really loved it.
It was so tranquil with only a few other people. It had a little space dedicated to the jacuzzi in the indoor pool and than a large outdoor pool. Our room was small and had a lovely little balcony. All the staff was helpful and the food was really tasty.

When we arrived we were received by a lovely woman that showed us the areas of the pools and the wellness centre. We spent all the afternoon of the first day between the pools and the wellness centre. We also slept one hour more or less, involuntarily. We were relaxing on the deck chairs after a Turkish bath and we fell asleep. After the dinner we took a little walk and then we came back to the hotel for a good sleep. The two days after were the same. We swam, relaxed and chatted.

The last day we had our brakfast, then we payed our room and finally we went out for a little of shopping. I saw a beautiful bag that I was looking for since a lot of time ago.
After the shopping we left and went to Padova for a job interview of my boyfriend. We had lunch at our favourite sushi restaurant on the way back and finally we came back home.

In the evening we met with our RPG friends and we played.

My vacations started very well. I relaxed a lot and had a lot of fun to. Now I'm ready to start againg looking for a new good job or something else...I have some projects to define.

Autumn is a beautiful season (when it doesn't rain), full of colours and warm love. What would you do in your vacations? Where would you like to go? Let me know in the comments!

Have a nice week!

giovedì 26 ottobre 2017

Film Review: The Incredible Hulk

Hello readers!
Also from the hot springs I'm here for our weekly review. Today is the time of "The Incredible Hulk", from the Avengers films.

A scientist is researching the formula of immortality using himself as test subject. After a period, his wife has a baby and the scientist starts to analyze the child. The resultls show that the child got the modified DNA of the father. After an accident with a dangerous explosion, the child is adopted and starts to become a scientist. Many years later, the child become a man and after another accident with gamma rays, he starts to transform into a sort of beast. Meanwhile he finds also his biological father and remember all his past. 

Hulk isn't one of my favourite marvel hero, but the film is very good. It's made in 2008 and for that year the special effects were really good. When Banner transforms himself into Kulk, the transormation is something particular. I like also the senes of cells and neurons during the main titles. They give a good atmosphere. Hulk is a very powerfull character while Brus Banner is almos a genius. I can say that he remember me the alchemist's base class of D&D. 

Have you seen the film? what do you think about? Did you like it? Let's leave some comments.

Have a nice week.

lunedì 23 ottobre 2017

3 things I've loved this week

Hello readers!

I missed last "3 things I've loved this week" and I'm so sorry. At work I'm more and more buisy and now one of my best friends is gone. He changed job. I'm happy for him, but I'm sad to because now there is no one like him that make me lough during our schedule.
Well, let's start with the sunday loving' post:

1- On tuesday evening, my boyfriend cooked a wanderful pizza. We really loved it a lot.
2- Looking for a job, my boyfriend received three job offers! Now he has only to decide which one to accept. Great!

3- Last, but not less important, I confirmed my vacation to hot springs. I will spend 4 days in complete relax.

Did you do something lovely this week? Let me know in the comments.

Nice Sunday!

mercoledì 18 ottobre 2017

Film Review: Iron Man

In the last two weeks I started to watch all the Avengers films in chronological order. The first one is "Iron Man"

The story talks about Tony Stark, the most famous seller of war's weapons, During a jurney in the Middle East he is kidnapped by a group of terrorists. They want Stark builds the new missile Jericho. After a first refusal, Stark is forced to collaborate but instead of build the missile, he builds an armor for escape. He comes back to the USA and starts to work on a new armor for fight the terrorists.

The genre is one of my favourites and the film is very good. I love the character of Tony Stark. It's so snooty and egocentric and...hey! He is the worst man of the world. He builds and sells weapons for the war and makes money on the corpses of war's victims. He has to face everyday all those people who accuse him. But after the kidnapping he decides to change. War is wrong an his high tecnoglogy can be used in other areas of expertises. He is betrayed by his associate because war make more money.

So Tony Stark is my favourite avenger, which is yours? What do you think about the film "Iron Man"? Did you liked it? Let me know in the comments.

Have a nice week!

giovedì 12 ottobre 2017

Anime Review: 18if

If you are looking for something new nd strange, let's look for "18if". It's made by Atsuhiro Tomioka and it seems to don't have something normal.

The protagonist, Haruti, seems to be called inside the dreams of particular girls. They fell into a sort of endless sleep and start to dream their ideal worlds. Haruto has given the task of break the sleep of the witches and wake them up for prevent the awakening of Eva.

I started this anime for curiosity and I'm really happy to have seen it. It's relaxing and for each witch there is a moral like the most common "accept yourself the way you are". There is a little shotgun at the end. It seems that Eva would destroy the entire world, but she's stopped. Not by a dangerous or epic fight, but by a beautiful speech between her and the other witches. Despite this, in my opinion, it's a bittersweet ending. The world is saved but...let's watch ti and discover this "but"

Have a nice week.

domenica 8 ottobre 2017

3 things I've loved this week

Hello readers!

Another week has gone tranquil and relaxing.

1- The first thing I've loved this week was the starting of the private lessons with a new "student". He's a man that need to learn better english for work.

2- I spent a beautiful friday night with boyfriend and friends. We went in a bar and we chatted and played a card game.

3- I cooked a tasty and beautiful baked pasta.
How was your week? Did you cooked something tasty? Let's share with us your best activities.

Have a nice Sunday.

mercoledì 4 ottobre 2017

Anime Review: Netsusu Trap

Usually I watch an anime because I want, but sometimes I watch an anime because I'm curious. "Netsusu Trap", by Hisayoshi Hirasawa, made me curious and I watched it only for curiosity.

The story talks about two girls, best friends since they were children. One of them fall in love with a boy and the other suggests to help her doing practise.

Everithing in this anime is patently made special. For those who like love stories this could be a nice one, but I have to spoil that it's an homosexual love story. It wasn't so rousing for me, I don't like so much love stories. I watched it till the end only for knowing where they would have gone parade. I don't regret I saw it, it wasn't so bad, only a bit annoying for me and my boyfriend.

Have you seen it? Would you watch it after this review? Let me know your options in the comments!

Have a nice week

domenica 1 ottobre 2017

Welcome October!

And here it is my new idea. The first day of each month I want to publish a post where I share my projects for the new month.

For this month I want to start studying for my IT exams. I want do them within June 2018. So I need to study hard. Another thing I want to do this month is to program a stay for my vacation in a good SPA, maybe in that suite I saw some days ago on the net. I want and I really need it. I'm feeling really exhausted because of work. I's beeing more and more heavy and I'm hating it more and more.

Well, at the end of this month I will give you new informations about my goals.
What are your projects for this month? Tell me something about them.

Nice Sunday

3 Things I've loved this week

Hi readers! How are you?

I'm full of new ideas for my blog because I want to make it work better. This series of posts is one of those new ideas.

This week has been quite calm. I didn't work too much overtime and I had more time for me, my boyfriend and friends.

1- I have to start talking about this week from last saturday. I came back home after work at 5 pm and I was very tired. My dad saied me that he and my mother would have gone out for the evening. Beautiful! I would have been home alone. So I decided to order a pizza and watch a good film. It was a very relaxing evening. I stayed sprawled on the sofa with my blanket, a good cup of custard and a good film from my hard-disc.

2- Another thing I loved has been a tasty risotto made with spelt, white radicchio and bacon. Wanderful.
3- Last, but not less important, I spent a beautiful evening after work with my boyfriend. We went out having an ice-cream and then we spent the end of the evening chatting in the car.

How was your last week? Is there something you did that you loved so much? Would you share them with us? Let's leave comments!

Have a nice Sunday