mercoledì 31 agosto 2016

Just a minute in...August

Hello readers! It's more than 1 year that I post regularly, evry monthes, these posts about the month has just passed. I think it's time to renew it a bit!

First of all: I will (I promise) write a little non-schematic introduction, where I describe what happened during the last month. So, let's start!

This month have been very buisy. At work a lot of coworkers took a period of vacations (2 or 3 par turn) and the other who didn't take vacations had to cover their absence. Despite the high ammount of overtime work, I found a bit of time for boyfriend, friends and for my sister Cristina. With my boyfriend we watched a new anime (as usual) and talked about my first vacation. With friend we played to one of my favourite board game, "Relic", and with Cistina we went to see the ney film "Suicide Squad" at the cinema. Between all of this meetings, I found also the time for cooking something new and good (my passion) and couldn't miss a little cold that cought me napping.
Reading: I'm sorry, but this month I didn't read nothing. I read only some blog' posts on bloglovin.
Listening: some old songs, buried into my external hard disc.
Watching: the new film "Suicide Squad" and the anime "Ergo Proxy"
Buying: some new bathing suits for my vacations
Loving: Improvements
Wanting: I want be better than what I was before.
Feeling: happy and excited.

Hope you enjoyed this post
Have a nice week!

venerdì 12 agosto 2016

Cooking box

Hello readers!
This week have been very very buisy for me. At work a lot of coworkers are missing for vacation (here in Italy we are used to have vacation in August) and who has no vacation (like me) have to work more for cover the missing ones.

Despite my binding and special work, I found a bit of time for cook something good. Cooking is an activity that relax me. I love cooking and I usually don't use recipes because they are too "rigorous". The first dish I show you is a dish of Ramen with chiken and vegetables (onions, carrots and cabbage). I make it dry too much, but it was good.
Then something of the italian tradition: eggplant parmigiana. Eggplant parmigiana is a sort of lasagne with slices of eggplants instead of slices of pasta and a lot of parmesan cheese. It was the first time I cooked it and I've been satisfaied. Maybe I put a little too tomatoe sauce, but my father really loved it and this was enough for me.

During this week eggplants have been protagonists in my dishes. My parents cultivate them in our vegetable gardens and the eggplants this summer are a lot. So I wanted try a new recipe with this nice vegetable. I cut them in slices and then rolled in breadcrumbs, and finally I cooked the in a pan with a little bit of oil. It was the first time my father ate them in that way and he loved them so much that he asked me to cook them again.
Hope you liked my post.
Have a nice weekend.

lunedì 8 agosto 2016

Anime/Manga Review: Deadman Wonderland

Hello readers and happy summer to evrybody!
Today I want talk to you abou the anime and the manga named "Deadman Wonderland" by Kazuma Kondou. It's a splatter horror shonen.

My boyfriend and I found the first series of the anime on "VVVVID", our favourite streaming website, anime and it aroused our curiosity.

It talk about a boy who survived to the carnage of his classmates made by the red man and who was judged at fault of the carnage. He was send down into "Deadman Wonderland", a private jail used also as entertainment center. There he descouver that he is able to control its blood and that there is someone who is making experiments with special and not  prisoners.

We watched the first series, but the anime isn't actually complete. And it excited me so much that I read the rest of the story on the manga. I loved both a lot and now I'm waiting for the second series of the anime.

Run see and read it (if you have the guts to do it)!  I'll be there for evry comment about it.

Have a nice summer!