lunedì 5 gennaio 2015

Magical places of my heart...Ireland

Here the second post about the places I would like to see one day.
When I introduced myself I said that I love Nature, and when I think to Nature I imagin the immense green fields of Ireland...and when I think to Ireland I imagine Nature.
I've never been to Ireland, but I've always imagined it crisp, green and light blue, like the Earth and the Water.

The thing that I love the most about Ireland is the ancient atmosphere. It remember me the knights riding their horses along the small dirt patches or the ladies who were waiting their knights came back from battles.

I love its music. Its sound make me see, in my mind, the Wind through the trees or the grass. A soft breeze brushing everything it meets along its way. And I love also its dances with their colorful dresses.

I like houses. Cute and coloured, they make me feel happy and make more pretty the cities.

I will visit Ireland one day, with my boyfriend, but first of all, I would thank Martina, my best friend, who showed me some photos of this special place, proving me that what I've always imagined, was real.

Kisses Emmy Iyuko