giovedì 25 febbraio 2016

My new passion

Hi friends!
Two monthes ago I descovered a new passion hanging out with friends. This new passion is called "Magic" and it is a cards game. It's really funny.

At the beginning I plaied only with my boyfriend, but now I also play with friends. I started with some old cards my sister gave me many years ago and now I'm buying new cards every month creating new decks. This game is a nice way to stay out with friends in our favourite bar-comics shop in front of a good cap (or glass) of tea.

Have a nice weekend.

mercoledì 17 febbraio 2016

5 products I can't stay without

Dear readers! How are you?
I'm actually sick, so I'm at home and I have a bit of time writing something new in my blog.

Today I would write about 5 make-up products I love the most. I find them on-line, through a health and wellness company's web site I knew 4 years ago.

1- Warming cream: it's my favourite cream. It halps exhausted or damaged muscles to relax. I usually use it during the night and in the moarning my back is new again!
2- Eyes pencil: like other girls I use make-up products. I love this eyes pencil: it's so soft and so easy to apply.
3- Lipstick: with the eyes there is only one other thing I like highlight in my face with make-up: my lips. I usually use lipsticks instead of lip gloss. My favourite color is Copper.
4- Hand cream: since when I started work in a kitchen, in contact with a terrible antibacterical soap, I descovered this wonderful cream that heal my hand rapidly.
5- Volume Shampoo: I love it because after I wash them with it, my hair are very soft.
Hope you enjoyed. 
Have a nice week!