domenica 27 maggio 2018


I want to tell you a story. A story born into the wood, from an old weeping willow...

There was a glittering pond in the centre of a clearing. All around it, there was flowers of all kind and only an ancient big weeping willow. The place was so tranquil. There could be heard the voice of wind and the delicate sound of the water drops who acted as music background.
The voices of small animals were the main instruments. The wing beating of the moths gave the rythm and the continuos and constant sound of the crickets seemed an harmonious group of strings. The sang of the cicadas seemed to be the voices of solo singers. Inside that silence, all those sounds started to be a beautiful concert.

The fireflies started their dance on the music of those special artists. They twirled and moved so gracefully, like pretty classic dancers, escaping from the bats. They danced and danced, but something stopped all for a moment.
A strong deep voice broke into the concert. The solo singer, the leading lady. A big wonderful owl appeared and after a little moment of silence, the orchestra started again. And following, the fireflies and the bats started dancing againg, for all the night.

domenica 20 maggio 2018

3 things I've loved this week

Like the last 2 weeks, I spent this week at home, with my leg in plaster. But from thrusday I started to do some little walks...from the kitchen to the terrace :D

1. I spent a little of time in the terrace, under the sun, looking at the landscape behind our home.

2. I put a nice gold nail polish. I really liked it. I thought it was too lively, but it revealed soft enough for me. So lovely.
Took by me
3. On saturday evening my boyfriend and I had dinner together and than played at a board game.
Took by me - Zombicide Fantasy
How has been your week? Tell me something about it.
Have a nice Sunday!

sabato 12 maggio 2018

Hybrids War - Introduction

Took from me
"Hybrids War" is a campaing I created for our group of friends, with the rules of the RPG "World of Darkness".

The most common setting for this RPG are the metropolis of USA like New York. But I didn't choose any of them. I chose to set it in the odiern Italy, with all its merits and defects. I thought it is the perfect place in the perfect time for the plot. Let me explain why.

Actually, Italy is politically unsettled, more than before. After the elections of March, we still don't have a solid government and, as usual, the bureaucracy is more than very long. Where there are needed particular authorizations, people start to do things even if they don't have them.

"But the authorization?"
"Oh, it will come, it will come, don't worry".
- quote Marco Paolini in "Vajont" -

I wanted to use vampires, lycantropes and mages, which they are really nice in "World of Darkness". These three kind of supernatural beings would be certainly considered "devil's sons" in Italian socieaty but some fools would be able to use these beasts to fight the beasts themselves. 

Furthermore, Italy is full of gloomy places with gloomy stories. Why I couldn't invent some more gloomy stories for some places I visited? In the village where I live there are at least two or three places that are so suggestives. Some of them have a story but others don't. Why I cannot invent one for them?

"All the great stories deserve an embellishment."
- quote Gandalf in "The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey" -

The main plot talks about monsters who apparently appeared from nothing and started to kill people in Rome. At the beguinning it seems that monsters kill people casually, but some investigations revel that they kill only supernatural beings. After one year people are devided into two faction: those who help monsters killing the devil's sons called Militia and those who want to destroy monsters for the safety of their families called Resistence. Some members of the Resistence are asked to look for some new strong members in the cities near Rome. But when they come back to Rome they descover that the monsters called hybrids, reached the nearest regions. Now they have to find the strongest supernatural people they know and they have to quickly investigate finding the place where the hybrids come from.

If you're curious let's keep an eye on the blog. I will post the story in episodes.

See you soon.

lunedì 7 maggio 2018

Someone told me that I will have a lot of free time...

Well, what can I say? Bad luck is able to see wanderfully.
On friday morning I was working, as usual and it happened. I programmed the entire work day and I stumbled and broke my ankle. Doctors saied me I have to rest for one month and probabilly more than only one.

I really don't like the situation. Even if I have only one leg down, I can't do anything! And I need help for everything. I've never expected that I would be so immobilized.
Some friends told me "wow! you will have a lot of free time now!". They were joking, but it's true. So, I will take all the advantages from this situation! I hope I will find some interesting topics for my blog. I'm also planning to post a story divided in episodes, I have a lot of time for plan it well.

I wish you a better month than mine!
Have a nice day!

giovedì 3 maggio 2018

Game Review: Love Nikki

Took from Google Images
It has been some weeks, probabilly more than one month that I descovered this really nice game for smartphone.

"Love Nikki" talks about fashion. You are a girl who arrived in a strange world where they are always competing for the best dressing suit in each occasion (levels). For each level succesfully completed you always gain money and often you gain something else like tops, bottoms, dresses, accessory and so on. Every day you have a login prize and other rewards based on the events of the moment.
You can also compete against other players in the "Stylist's arena" or in the "Competition". The game give you a theme and you can dress up your avatar in the best way you can. You can use your Facebook profile or you can create one before starting.
Took from me
Took from me
Took from me
I like fashion but I'm not a fashion girl. My favourite suit is composed by the most comfortable pair of jeans and tee I find in my wardrobe. But sometimes I like changing and making an effort trying to put on something different and well combined. "Love Nikki" is a really nice game. It's giving me so many ideas! I really like it and I suggest you to try it.

Have a nice day!