lunedì 7 maggio 2018

Someone told me that I will have a lot of free time...

Well, what can I say? Bad luck is able to see wanderfully.
On friday morning I was working, as usual and it happened. I programmed the entire work day and I stumbled and broke my ankle. Doctors saied me I have to rest for one month and probabilly more than only one.

I really don't like the situation. Even if I have only one leg down, I can't do anything! And I need help for everything. I've never expected that I would be so immobilized.
Some friends told me "wow! you will have a lot of free time now!". They were joking, but it's true. So, I will take all the advantages from this situation! I hope I will find some interesting topics for my blog. I'm also planning to post a story divided in episodes, I have a lot of time for plan it well.

I wish you a better month than mine!
Have a nice day!

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