sabato 28 marzo 2015

My first experience with a phographic service

Hello sweeties!
Last friday a photographer invited my bofriend and I to take some pictures of us with our cosplays. It was my first photographic service. I was excited because of this very nice experience.
We met this good photographer last year, during a cosplay event. He saw me wearing the tipical dress of a video game he used to play and asked me if he could take some picture. I accepted and called my boyfriend to do it together. The photographer took two or three photos and then gave us his facebook contact. Two weeks ago, my boyfriend met him again and the photographer asked if he was intereddted on a photographic service. My boyfriend saied yes and invited me too.
From when my boyfriend gave me the news I could not be tranquil. I was a lot excited and I could not believe it. The day of the photographic service arrived. When we arrived at the photographer laboratory we started immidiatly with the service. He first toke photos of us alone and then of us together. Since my boyfriend had to finish to put his outfit, the photographer started with me alone. He adjusted the lights and then started to shoot. At the beguinning, when he was adjusting the lights I was a bit nervous, but when I started to pose for the pictures I started to relax and be more natural.
After me, was the moment of my boyfriend. He also was nervous like me, but then he relaxed too. When we posed together it was more nice and a bit more funny.
At the end of the service, we gave our e-mails to the photographer and we came back home. This moarning we found our photos in our e-mails and we found them so wanderful.
I didn't thought that stay under the spotlights could be so interesting. It was difficult stay in some unconfortable poses, and I thought that, on the pictures, could be visible our efforts but I was wrong.

Have a nice weekend!
Emmy Iyuko

giovedì 26 marzo 2015

Just a Minute in March

Reading: "Marina" by Carlos Ruiz Zàfon, "Memories of a Geisha" by Arthur Golden and "Annihilation" by Jeff Vander Meer.

Listening: the OST af the anime "Cowboy Bebop" a nice jazz album.

Watching: "Van Helsing" and "The brother Grimm", searching inspiration for a new story I'm writing.

Buing: aloe products for my good health.

Loving: wrighting posts for the blog and reading posts written by others.

Wanting: to have no fear fort he future and rach my goals.

Feeling: depressed fort he ending of National Civil Service. It has been a wanderful experience of life that brought to me job experience, new friends and a lot of self-confidence. I'm feeling also a bit warried for my future. I hope to find soon a new employment.

Have a nice week!
Emmy Iyuko

domenica 15 marzo 2015

Illness, Weekend and...Baking

Last Friday I was illed. Nothing special, only a strong cold, cought and a bit of fever.
In the moarning I went to my usual hour of postural tone Ggym and for all the rest of the day I stayed insiede, crouched down on the sofa, watching TV, drowsing and chatting with my mother. I wasn't so bad, but I was really depressed because I realized that the day after I couldn't have been to Bassano, for the comix fair. My friend, my boyfriend and I decided to go there all together, but I caughtthat awful cold, so I didn't went with them.
Saturday moarning I woke up very early and so angry. My boyfriend Diego sayed me that he might have come to visit me in the evening, after the fair, so I started to be less angry, then I had a wanderful idea! I decided to bake something for the arrive of my boyfriend.
Since the start of the week I was projecting to bake a cheesecake, I was only waiting for a special occasion. And so, it arrived. I got up heppier and made a list of what I needed for the cheesecake and I gave it to my mother who was going shopping with my father. They came back home with all the ingrdients and I started to bake my lemon cheesecake. I finished to do it early in the afternoon and I thought to read a book, but I was interrupted by a message from my boyfriend who was proposing me to meet all together in my basement room and play with a new board game. They arrived at mid-afternoon, and we played and chatted untill eight o'cloack pm. Diego brought back our friends and then came back for dinner. We ate a simple pasta and my cheesecake. It wasn't so bad but I descuvered that the day after was better.
Ingredients for the base:
350gr of dry bisquits
125gr margarine
a dit of sugar

Ingredients for the cream:
125gr mascarpone cheese
200gr philadelphia cheese
125gr ricotta
250gr whipped cream

Ingredients fort the lemon jelly:
2 lemons
200gr sugar
2 egg yolks
40gr potato starch

I have to say that illness couldnt be so bad whene there is only a cold and I have to say thank you to my friend Martina (Sweetie Tulip) that gave me a fantastic book as Christmas present where I read that for all negative things you should bake something and positive things will come back again quickly.

Have a nice weekend!
Emmy Iyuko

mercoledì 11 marzo 2015

Waiting for...Spring

Hey there! How are you? I'm very very excited because...the Spring is coming! I love Spring, as I love Summer. I love all dry, hot and funny monthes. For me, Spring is rebirth, taking new energy from Sun and the rising Nature.
I like waste a lot of time watching my "little" plants in my roof, out of my badroom. I adore spread out the window and let the hot Sun and the frash Air come into my room, bringing with them various smells that fill up all the house. One of my window overlooks the big field of my neighbour, full of flowers and soft green grass. Sometimes I see also his little dog, jumping through the grass. It's a very lovely animal, but my favourites are my dog and my cat. Both two usually lay themselves flat under the hot light of the Sun. My dog, Biagio, stay always in our kitchen's roof and my cat, Tya, spends a lot of time on my bed, under the sunlight.
In Spring I like also take my bicycle and go...on cycling laves absorbed in Nature and far from cars. I like go walking into the little wood near my home, exactly, behind my room.
And you? Do you like Spring? What do you like to do in this special season?

Have a nice week!
Emmy Iyuko

lunedì 9 marzo 2015

Strange ideas

Hello to everybody!

This week was very interesting, especially about my strange ideas about food. I like cooking, and sometimes I like experimenting something new (for me, naturally). Unfortunatly I didn't studied at a catering institute, but I am luky because I am not (so much) afraid of tasting new things.

The two plates I adored most were: spaghetti with zucchinis, tomatoes and rice double cream and my special fish soup.

For the first one I used only the above mentioned ingredients with a teaspoon of sugar correcting the sour flavour of tomatoes.
The second one doesn't have only ingredients, but has also a nice story. On friday moarning my mother put out of the freezer a box of frozen fish saying me to cook it only with a spoon of oil and seasoning at my choice. At 12.00 I moved from my room to the kitchen and I deeply observed the fish's box and thought depressed "Only oil and seasoning?". I opened the fridge and saw zucchinis and carrots, so I called my mother by cellular and asked her if she agreed with my idea and she gave me the go-ahead. Well, this is what I cooked finally.
I really loved it *-* too bad it finished so quickly.

Have a nice week!
Emmy Iyuko

martedì 3 marzo 2015

Owl Cookies

Hello dearies!

I'm a lover of Harry Potter and I'm a lover of owls. Not the exams, but those majestic birds who fly under the moonlight.
Snowy Owl In Flight by Carrie Ann Grippo-Pike on 500px. "December 11, 2013 at the Summerville Pier in Irondequoit, NY."
But in this post I'm not going to talk about owls or Harry Potter, in this post I would share with a video of sweetie owl cookies. They were so nice and charming that I could'n ignore them.
Have a nice viewing!

Love Emmy Iyuko ^_^