domenica 15 marzo 2015

Illness, Weekend and...Baking

Last Friday I was illed. Nothing special, only a strong cold, cought and a bit of fever.
In the moarning I went to my usual hour of postural tone Ggym and for all the rest of the day I stayed insiede, crouched down on the sofa, watching TV, drowsing and chatting with my mother. I wasn't so bad, but I was really depressed because I realized that the day after I couldn't have been to Bassano, for the comix fair. My friend, my boyfriend and I decided to go there all together, but I caughtthat awful cold, so I didn't went with them.
Saturday moarning I woke up very early and so angry. My boyfriend Diego sayed me that he might have come to visit me in the evening, after the fair, so I started to be less angry, then I had a wanderful idea! I decided to bake something for the arrive of my boyfriend.
Since the start of the week I was projecting to bake a cheesecake, I was only waiting for a special occasion. And so, it arrived. I got up heppier and made a list of what I needed for the cheesecake and I gave it to my mother who was going shopping with my father. They came back home with all the ingrdients and I started to bake my lemon cheesecake. I finished to do it early in the afternoon and I thought to read a book, but I was interrupted by a message from my boyfriend who was proposing me to meet all together in my basement room and play with a new board game. They arrived at mid-afternoon, and we played and chatted untill eight o'cloack pm. Diego brought back our friends and then came back for dinner. We ate a simple pasta and my cheesecake. It wasn't so bad but I descuvered that the day after was better.
Ingredients for the base:
350gr of dry bisquits
125gr margarine
a dit of sugar

Ingredients for the cream:
125gr mascarpone cheese
200gr philadelphia cheese
125gr ricotta
250gr whipped cream

Ingredients fort the lemon jelly:
2 lemons
200gr sugar
2 egg yolks
40gr potato starch

I have to say that illness couldnt be so bad whene there is only a cold and I have to say thank you to my friend Martina (Sweetie Tulip) that gave me a fantastic book as Christmas present where I read that for all negative things you should bake something and positive things will come back again quickly.

Have a nice weekend!
Emmy Iyuko

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