giovedì 26 marzo 2015

Just a Minute in March

Reading: "Marina" by Carlos Ruiz Zàfon, "Memories of a Geisha" by Arthur Golden and "Annihilation" by Jeff Vander Meer.

Listening: the OST af the anime "Cowboy Bebop" a nice jazz album.

Watching: "Van Helsing" and "The brother Grimm", searching inspiration for a new story I'm writing.

Buing: aloe products for my good health.

Loving: wrighting posts for the blog and reading posts written by others.

Wanting: to have no fear fort he future and rach my goals.

Feeling: depressed fort he ending of National Civil Service. It has been a wanderful experience of life that brought to me job experience, new friends and a lot of self-confidence. I'm feeling also a bit warried for my future. I hope to find soon a new employment.

Have a nice week!
Emmy Iyuko

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