venerdì 29 gennaio 2016

Things I've loved this month

Hi guys! How are you?

This month was really special for me. First of all I've bought my first car! I love it. I customized it with a little embroidered pillow that my sister gave to me some years ago.
During this month I started to hang out at "Il falcetto d'oro" (The golden sickle). It is a coffee and comics shop where you can also play (and buy) board games and read comics.
Finally I signed up for a violin class. I love listen to music, but I love even more play instruments. I play instruments since when I was 12: I started with the flute, then I added the piano and now I decided to change and start with the violin because it is my favourite instrument.
How was January for you? Hope I did not bored you.

Have a nice weekend.

mercoledì 27 gennaio 2016

Just a minute in...January

READING: I'm still reading "the tibetan book of deads". It is small but very profound.
LISTENING: "The Devil's trill" by Giuseppe Tartini.
WATCHING: the animation movie "Wall-E" I love it because it is so sweet.
BUYING: my first car! It is 23 years old, it is small and I love it so much!
LOVING: my car and the starting of my violin class.
WANTING: days made up of more than 24h...I would like have more free time.
FEELING: I'm happy for all my dreams' fulfilment.

sabato 16 gennaio 2016

Implementing what learnt

Last Saturday evening my parents went to a dinner with friends and I decide to invite my boyfriend for a tranquil and funny dinner only him and me. It wasn't a romantic dinner because I'm not so romantic, but given that I'm warking to Mc Donald' since 4 monthes, I prepared his favourite Mc Donald's sandwich: Crispy Mc Bacon. It absolutely wasn't the same thing, but I customised it. I used pink sauce, fresh bacon, scamorza (a kind of italin cheese) and a large hamburger. For my sandwich I used ketchup, iceberg salad, tomatoes scamorza and hamburger. This was the main dish, but before it I cooked a bit of nuggets and for dessert I prepared a delicious panna cotta with caramel. Diego was enthusiastic, especially for the bacon.

After the dinner we met with my sister and her partner listening ti the cincert of him. He's a bass player and in the weekend he usually play with his band in pubs.

Have a nice weekend!

giovedì 7 gennaio 2016

Review - "Acceptance"

Hello dears! How are you? How was you last days of 2015?

In December I finally have read the last chapter of the trillogy of the Area X, "Acceptance", and I have to say that it was really misterious!
In this tjird book are narrated the pasts of the lighthouse's guardian, of the psycologist of the first book and the trip into the Area X of the à2false" biologist with the protagonist of the second book.
The air of mistery follows you during the entire reading, from the firts letter to the last one. Finally is revealed what is in reality the Area X who is enlarging all over the world and there is a little chapter dedicated to the visit od the real biologist inside the Area X after the death of her three companions.
Some secrets are reveald while other are kept hidden.
The end of the book, in my opinion, is perfect. There is the right dose of satisfaction mixed with insatisfaction given from a feeling of sadness and lonliness of some scenes.
In its entirety, I have found this trillogy really interesting and satisfying.

Hope you enjoy my review and will read this trillogy ^_^