giovedì 7 gennaio 2016

Review - "Acceptance"

Hello dears! How are you? How was you last days of 2015?

In December I finally have read the last chapter of the trillogy of the Area X, "Acceptance", and I have to say that it was really misterious!
In this tjird book are narrated the pasts of the lighthouse's guardian, of the psycologist of the first book and the trip into the Area X of the à2false" biologist with the protagonist of the second book.
The air of mistery follows you during the entire reading, from the firts letter to the last one. Finally is revealed what is in reality the Area X who is enlarging all over the world and there is a little chapter dedicated to the visit od the real biologist inside the Area X after the death of her three companions.
Some secrets are reveald while other are kept hidden.
The end of the book, in my opinion, is perfect. There is the right dose of satisfaction mixed with insatisfaction given from a feeling of sadness and lonliness of some scenes.
In its entirety, I have found this trillogy really interesting and satisfying.

Hope you enjoy my review and will read this trillogy ^_^

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