giovedì 7 aprile 2016

Game review: Zombicide

Hello my dear followers!

It's a bit of time I didn't write posts...I'm really, really sorry. In the last weeks I have been very buisy, especially at work. But I finally found a little time for write a post, only for you!

Two weeks ago I met with some friends for a "tranquil" game at Zombicide. It's one of my favourite board-games.  When we play all together we laugh a lot.
Grey miniatures=zombies; coloured miniatures=our characters.
Well, as you read into the title of the game, it is about zombies. In the game you are a survivor of a zombie apocalypse that have to complete the quest of the moment running away from zombies. You can kill them, or rather, you must kill the zombies because they spawn each turn...and you have to stay alive. During each turn you can search for some objects into the rooms of the buildings, move and engage zombies. There are 4 levels of difficulty: blue, yellow, orange and red. The difficulty level increase every zombie you kill. At each level your character gain particular powers that let you stay alive easier or have more possibilities to kill more zombies at each turn.

Last time I played this game it has been a "tranquil" game, even if...we had to restart it a second time because we failed the mission the firs time in only 2 turns. But the second game was better. Our mission was to collect 4 pieces in 4 different buildings and we have been succesful: we collectied all the pieces and we staied alive.
The last piece has been collected!
Hope you enjoyed this sort of review and hope you would try it one day.

Have a nice weekend!