domenica 30 luglio 2017

Taking Care of Myself

Hello readers!

This week I've been busy with my new lifestyle. Don't misunderstand me, I'm still a nerd a I will always be it.

First of all, I started a diet. Yes, I need to lose some kilos for my health. So I started this program, not so hard in gneral, but for have been really hard. I love eat and I eat a lot (too much!). Since when I have started to work in a Mc Donald's restaurant I got more and more fat because, I admit it, I love that food. It's so tasty. But I touched the bottom and now it's time to rise again.

However, eating better isn't enough for getting fit. Now, every morning I get up early for my daily brisk walk. I leave home and I'm not back before one hour at least. I really love this new habit I'm keeping, I'm more relaxed than before.

So, have you ever needed to change something of your lifestyle? How was the change for you? How did you decided to start it? Let me know it in the comments.

Have a nice Sunday!

venerdì 7 luglio 2017

Anime Review: Attack on Titan - Season 2

Hi everyone!

Last month I finished to watch the second season of Attack on Titan.

The story is the same as the preview one: Eren and his friends want to find the secret of Eren's father. All the season is focused on explain a little more the story of giants and human being. In particular who really are the Colossal and the Armored giants. It's a season full of flashbacks.

Personally, I found this season a bit boring. Differently from the first season, there aren't so many plot twists or they are a bit foreseeable. However, in the complex, it has been a good season. I certainly wait the third one with anxiety.

Did you see it? Did you like it? Leave comments in space below!

Have a nice weekend!