mercoledì 17 maggio 2017

Anime Review: Serial Experiments Lain

I was looking for new cyber-punk animes that inspired me something for my new Pathfinder's campaign and I found a really beautiful one.

Serial Experiments Lain talks about a tranquil, but strange girl. She is Lain and she goes to school as each young boy and girl of her age. Her family is a normal family: mother, father and a sister. Lain is a bit solitary and isn't so interested on computers or the Net, till she knows there is another girl called Lain and that she is alike her. Now Lain, looking for the other Lain, starts to travel into the Weird, where she finds God (or someone called God).

I liked a lot this anime, for two reasons in particular: strange shadows' special effects that give to the series a special cyber atmosphere. The second reason is the philosophies that are exposed; they talk about topics like "If more people believe in something that doesn't really exist, dose that something become real?" and others. I really liked it, even if I understood it only at the lasts 2 or 3 episodes.

Well, now go and see it and leave comments below XD
Have a nice week!

venerdì 5 maggio 2017

Playing Character Background #3: Kratka, the Bomber

Hello readers!

I'm so sorry I didn't write for so much time. At work they changed my job contract: before I was working for only 24 hours par week, and now I'm working for 30 hours par week. Yay! I'm happy even if I'm more tired and busy than before.

Today, I would talk about another PC I've played and that I would play again and again...
Kratka is one of the best PC I've created. It was really funny to perform (yes, it hasn't got gender) and also really difficult. It was a Goblin, a little and annoying creature that loved bombs and fire. It's a first level Alchemist (my favorite) with the archetype called "Fire Bomber" and its allignement is Chaotic Evil. I wanted create a chaotic PC, completely mad and that wouldn't had token care of anyone. And it was almost so. My friends hated it a lot becasue it was always trying to kill them at each combat (accidentally), but it also sold* cures to the party at the end of each combat (*as a Chaotic Evil, it would have halped its "friends" only for a lavish reward).

Its background is very simple: it comes from a little community of Goblin who lives into the forest. One day it received a symbol by a star and it was called from the Magician of the capital city for a special mission. He went to the capital and there started its adventure.

In the group of friends, it became really famous for its bombs, but also for its special "friendship" with the Lizardman called Glalc. They were always bickering!

Do you like it? Leave comments below telling me something about your best PCs!
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lunedì 1 maggio 2017

Just a Minute in...April

"I'm in late, I'm in late!" the white rabbit of Alice in Wanderland was always saying that he would have been in late. Now, I'm really in late! I would have written this post some days ago, but I was so tired for my new schedule. On saturday I've worked till 4:30am and I spent all the Sunday, sleeping. But April have been a beautiful month! The weather started to be more warm and the light hours are every day longer. During this month I've started my new schedule with 30 hours par week with closures at 4:30am, and I'm a little more tired than before. It's a bit more difficult for me find time for my passions but I'm doing my best for being on time.
READING: brothers Grimm' Fairy Tales.
LISTENING: the ost of my favourite video game: Skyrim.
WATCHING: the new series of "Attack on Titan".
BUYING: a new cover for my mobile phone.
LOVING: the weather.
FEELING: very, very tired.

How was your April?
Have a nice week!