sabato 6 ottobre 2018

Fall Favorites 2018

I think fall is the season of relaxing. It gives us a lot of beautiful landscapes thanks to its colors. 

TEA: I love tea, all kind of tea, and I usually have one type for each moment of the day. For breakfast, I have "English Breakfast" tea with lemon and biscuits, for the afternoon I usually drink a cup of "Earl Grey" or "Darjeeling" and in the evening I prefer herbal tea or camomille tea.

COFFEE: I like cappuccino with sugar and a lot of milk.

CANDY OR COOKIES: I really love cookies and cakes, better if they are made of chocolate.

DINNER: any kind of vegetable soups.

SCARF: now that I tided my wardrobe, I've found a lot of scarves in it. I will use them alternating.

COAT: for the autumn I always use the wool coats made by my mother. They are so soft and warm.

SHOES: my favorite pair of shoes are a pair of caramel bootie, but sometimes I use also a pair of black one.

SCENTED CANDLE: I've just found a green tea scented candle and I'm really liking it.

ACTIVITY: I like playing computer games, watching films or hanging out with friends. But my favorite activity is reading a book, lying on my bed, with a good scented candle lighted up and a burning fire sound as ambiance.

Do you have any favorite tea for the Autumn? Do you have any favorite scented candle? What do you like the most doing in autumn? Let me know in the comments.