mercoledì 31 agosto 2016

Just a minute in...August

Hello readers! It's more than 1 year that I post regularly, evry monthes, these posts about the month has just passed. I think it's time to renew it a bit!

First of all: I will (I promise) write a little non-schematic introduction, where I describe what happened during the last month. So, let's start!

This month have been very buisy. At work a lot of coworkers took a period of vacations (2 or 3 par turn) and the other who didn't take vacations had to cover their absence. Despite the high ammount of overtime work, I found a bit of time for boyfriend, friends and for my sister Cristina. With my boyfriend we watched a new anime (as usual) and talked about my first vacation. With friend we played to one of my favourite board game, "Relic", and with Cistina we went to see the ney film "Suicide Squad" at the cinema. Between all of this meetings, I found also the time for cooking something new and good (my passion) and couldn't miss a little cold that cought me napping.
Reading: I'm sorry, but this month I didn't read nothing. I read only some blog' posts on bloglovin.
Listening: some old songs, buried into my external hard disc.
Watching: the new film "Suicide Squad" and the anime "Ergo Proxy"
Buying: some new bathing suits for my vacations
Loving: Improvements
Wanting: I want be better than what I was before.
Feeling: happy and excited.

Hope you enjoyed this post
Have a nice week!

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