mercoledì 18 ottobre 2017

Film Review: Iron Man

In the last two weeks I started to watch all the Avengers films in chronological order. The first one is "Iron Man"

The story talks about Tony Stark, the most famous seller of war's weapons, During a jurney in the Middle East he is kidnapped by a group of terrorists. They want Stark builds the new missile Jericho. After a first refusal, Stark is forced to collaborate but instead of build the missile, he builds an armor for escape. He comes back to the USA and starts to work on a new armor for fight the terrorists.

The genre is one of my favourites and the film is very good. I love the character of Tony Stark. It's so snooty and egocentric and...hey! He is the worst man of the world. He builds and sells weapons for the war and makes money on the corpses of war's victims. He has to face everyday all those people who accuse him. But after the kidnapping he decides to change. War is wrong an his high tecnoglogy can be used in other areas of expertises. He is betrayed by his associate because war make more money.

So Tony Stark is my favourite avenger, which is yours? What do you think about the film "Iron Man"? Did you liked it? Let me know in the comments.

Have a nice week!

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