domenica 1 ottobre 2017

Welcome October!

And here it is my new idea. The first day of each month I want to publish a post where I share my projects for the new month.

For this month I want to start studying for my IT exams. I want do them within June 2018. So I need to study hard. Another thing I want to do this month is to program a stay for my vacation in a good SPA, maybe in that suite I saw some days ago on the net. I want and I really need it. I'm feeling really exhausted because of work. I's beeing more and more heavy and I'm hating it more and more.

Well, at the end of this month I will give you new informations about my goals.
What are your projects for this month? Tell me something about them.

Nice Sunday

2 commenti:

  1. My biggest project is getting ready for NaNoWriMo. ^ ^ I'm working hard to juggle prep time between work this month. XD