venerdì 27 ottobre 2017

Vacations At Hot Springs

Hello readers!
I'm back from my beautiful vacations dedicated to my boyfrind, me and relax.

We stayed three days at the Hotel Terme Dolomiti in Abano Terme. It was a three stars hotel and we really loved it.
It was so tranquil with only a few other people. It had a little space dedicated to the jacuzzi in the indoor pool and than a large outdoor pool. Our room was small and had a lovely little balcony. All the staff was helpful and the food was really tasty.

When we arrived we were received by a lovely woman that showed us the areas of the pools and the wellness centre. We spent all the afternoon of the first day between the pools and the wellness centre. We also slept one hour more or less, involuntarily. We were relaxing on the deck chairs after a Turkish bath and we fell asleep. After the dinner we took a little walk and then we came back to the hotel for a good sleep. The two days after were the same. We swam, relaxed and chatted.

The last day we had our brakfast, then we payed our room and finally we went out for a little of shopping. I saw a beautiful bag that I was looking for since a lot of time ago.
After the shopping we left and went to Padova for a job interview of my boyfriend. We had lunch at our favourite sushi restaurant on the way back and finally we came back home.

In the evening we met with our RPG friends and we played.

My vacations started very well. I relaxed a lot and had a lot of fun to. Now I'm ready to start againg looking for a new good job or something else...I have some projects to define.

Autumn is a beautiful season (when it doesn't rain), full of colours and warm love. What would you do in your vacations? Where would you like to go? Let me know in the comments!

Have a nice week!

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  1. I love hot springs! That's so cool that you got to vacation and soak in them. ^ ^

  2. Yes, it was beautiful! And the weather was perfect. We had also two lovely sunny days.