mercoledì 4 ottobre 2017

Anime Review: Netsusu Trap

Usually I watch an anime because I want, but sometimes I watch an anime because I'm curious. "Netsusu Trap", by Hisayoshi Hirasawa, made me curious and I watched it only for curiosity.

The story talks about two girls, best friends since they were children. One of them fall in love with a boy and the other suggests to help her doing practise.

Everithing in this anime is patently made special. For those who like love stories this could be a nice one, but I have to spoil that it's an homosexual love story. It wasn't so rousing for me, I don't like so much love stories. I watched it till the end only for knowing where they would have gone parade. I don't regret I saw it, it wasn't so bad, only a bit annoying for me and my boyfriend.

Have you seen it? Would you watch it after this review? Let me know your options in the comments!

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