domenica 1 ottobre 2017

3 Things I've loved this week

Hi readers! How are you?

I'm full of new ideas for my blog because I want to make it work better. This series of posts is one of those new ideas.

This week has been quite calm. I didn't work too much overtime and I had more time for me, my boyfriend and friends.

1- I have to start talking about this week from last saturday. I came back home after work at 5 pm and I was very tired. My dad saied me that he and my mother would have gone out for the evening. Beautiful! I would have been home alone. So I decided to order a pizza and watch a good film. It was a very relaxing evening. I stayed sprawled on the sofa with my blanket, a good cup of custard and a good film from my hard-disc.

2- Another thing I loved has been a tasty risotto made with spelt, white radicchio and bacon. Wanderful.
3- Last, but not less important, I spent a beautiful evening after work with my boyfriend. We went out having an ice-cream and then we spent the end of the evening chatting in the car.

How was your last week? Is there something you did that you loved so much? Would you share them with us? Let's leave comments!

Have a nice Sunday

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