sabato 30 settembre 2017

Just a Minute in...September

September...I don't remember well how was my September. I worked a lot, this is sure and...oh! School started and I started with private lessons too! And from next week I'm starting private lessons with a new student. I'm so happy! The weather changed and became more cooler so it's time for hot teas and chocolate! Fall isn't my favourite season but, from a certain point of view, I like it. We all become more lazy and we stay home more with the ones we love.
READING: I didn't read so much, I read only some posts.
WATCHING: the animes "Netsusu Trap" and "18if".
LISTENING: my usual relaxing jazz and classical music.
BUYING: I bought some new make-up products and some new clothes.
LOVING: hot teas and chocolate with friends.
WANTING: I wouldn't, but I should start to study for my IT exams.
FEELING: tired, really tired.

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