lunedì 25 settembre 2017

5 Fall Favourite Activities

Fall has finally arrived. Outside is raining and it's being more and more cold. It's time for my favourite fall activities.

1- Drinking hot teas. I love tea and I love it more if it's hot. In autumn and winter I drink a lot of hot tea of every kind. My favourite shop is "Peter's Teahouse"

2- Watching animes. But also films or tv series. With my boyfriend is always the best.

3- Spendidng time with friends. I love to stay in my favourite locals with friends in front of a good cup of hot chocolate.

4- Playing computer games. I like hanging out with friends, but not every day. Often I prefer stay home playing my favourite computer games, wrapped in my soft and warm blanket.

5- Listening to music. I've never liked the silence of any kind of buildings. At home I'm always listening to music. During wetter days I like listen to my favourite jazz music and write.

What are your favourite activities for Fall days? Tell me in the comments.

Nice Monday everybody!

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  1. Hot tea is wonderful in the fall! I've been drinking a lot of hot tea too. ^ ^