mercoledì 6 settembre 2017

Anime Review: Pasycho Pass

"Psycho Pass" by Gen Urobuchi and Naoyoshi Shiotami is an action sci-fi anime.

The entire Japan is regulated by a new system able to detect evil minds before they commit evil actions. The same system organizes people based on its Psycho Pass, a numeric index that determine how much inclined is a person to evil. Those who have the least indexe are usually assigned to job placements like investigators. They work together with executors, criminals rehabilitated to social life.

They exist two series of this anime. The best is the first one. The second is only a bad copy of the first in my opinion. There is a strong thought behind the series: is it correct that a non-human system manages the entire life of people? Both investigators and executors are equipped with guns controlled by the system. They can decide anything without it approves. And people who have a weaker mind is instantly considered to be sent to prison for "rehabilitation".

All in all the anime is really nice. I liked the characterisation of main characters and the main thought behind the story. I hated instead the system and its control on the guns. I call them "bugged guns" because they shoot only if system approves.

Have you seen it? What do you think about the system? Leave comment and let me know you opinions.

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  1. I love Psycho-Pass. It's a very good series and I enjoyed both seasons. ^ ^' It has a lot of philosophical and social elements that make my brain go wild like how they actually control art and entertainment because of how much it influences psyche.