giovedì 14 settembre 2017

Anime Review: Hellsing Ultimate

I'm a vampire lover and the darkest they are the most I love them. Alucard, came out of the anime "Hellsing Ultimate", is my favorite and its anime is absolutely fantastic.

The anime talks about an english organization called "Hellsing" created for killing the vampires in London. However, the organization has a vampire at its service. He is the oldest and the powerfullest one. Going on with the story, is showed that the Hellsing has a lot of enemies. First among all, the Catholic Church. And also Alucard has a lot of enemies like a Priest of the Judah Iscariot order and the worst one, a Nazi Major. He wants to destroy london and conquer the rest of the world.

Everysthing in this anime has something unusual. Each episode lasts at least 45 minutes and for each of them there is a different ending theme. The episodes are in total ten and I'm not able to say with precision haw many series they are. I think two. The opening theme is showed only twice between the first and the fourth episodes. The headmaster of the organization is a lady (pardon my french) with balls and the protagonist, Alucard, is anything but good. The Priest follows the same way.

To conclude, I really loved this anime and if you haven't seen it yet I suggest it to you, especially if you like horror genre. All the main characters are well defined and you will love some and hate others of them (like the "Game of Thrones" series more or less). If you have already seen it let me know waht do you think about it. Which is/are you favorite character/s?

Have a nice week!

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