giovedì 26 ottobre 2017

Film Review: The Incredible Hulk

Hello readers!
Also from the hot springs I'm here for our weekly review. Today is the time of "The Incredible Hulk", from the Avengers films.

A scientist is researching the formula of immortality using himself as test subject. After a period, his wife has a baby and the scientist starts to analyze the child. The resultls show that the child got the modified DNA of the father. After an accident with a dangerous explosion, the child is adopted and starts to become a scientist. Many years later, the child become a man and after another accident with gamma rays, he starts to transform into a sort of beast. Meanwhile he finds also his biological father and remember all his past. 

Hulk isn't one of my favourite marvel hero, but the film is very good. It's made in 2008 and for that year the special effects were really good. When Banner transforms himself into Kulk, the transormation is something particular. I like also the senes of cells and neurons during the main titles. They give a good atmosphere. Hulk is a very powerfull character while Brus Banner is almos a genius. I can say that he remember me the alchemist's base class of D&D. 

Have you seen the film? what do you think about? Did you like it? Let's leave some comments.

Have a nice week.

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