mercoledì 30 novembre 2016

Just a minute in...November

Hello readers!

Winter is coming and November have been a very busy autumnal month...and if it could'n be enough, I had to waste 5 precious days closed at home, illed. Despite illness, I had a lot of fun. I met with my boyfriend for breackfasts or dinners, I met friends playing board games and...sure, I worked! Shopping? Mmm...I bought something, or better, I asked my best comix sellers to set aside for me two numbers of one manga I'm enjoying reading and other two numbers of another one for my boyfriend (I think I will use them as Xmas present). Something else? Oh, sure! I finally found time to bake a wonderful chocolate cake, a delicious ceesecake with stroberry topping and...I'm happy!
READING: "Stardust" by Neil Gaiman.
LISTENING: a compilation of classical music.
WATCHING: the trillogy of "Iron Man".
BUYING: the third and fourth volumes of "Bloody Mary" by Akaza Samamiya.
LOVING: spend time outside with my boyfriend.
WANTING: my tablet pc that is waiting me in my amazon's shopping cart.
FEELING: very happy.
Have a nice week!

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