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Playing Characters Backgrounds #1: Rilka, the Mutagenic Barbarian

Hello readers!

I want start a new sequence of posts where I describe the best PCs (Playing Characters) I created for the RPGs (Role Playing Games) I play with my boyfriend and friends.

The first PC I will describe you is Rilka, the mutagenic barbarian. She was one of the strongest and bravest warriors of her halfling's clan (halfling=race of the RPGs D&D and Pathfinder similar to the Tolkien's hobbits). One day, while she was fighting for her family against a group of soldier she was captured and brought in an alchemist's laboratory. There she was used as a guinea pig for a new kind of mutagen (a potion that changes the person who drink it) and when she came back to her family after being escaped from the laboratory, the clan refused her because of the new powers the alchemists gave her. At that point she went away deciding to live by herself for the rest of her life. And just then she was called by the ministers of the Gods of the world for a special mission.
Rilka is a 12th lv (12th level) barbarian from the Pathfinder RPG. When I created her, I chose the variation of the classical barbarian called "mutagenic rager". Basically, the barbarian class has a special ability called "rage" that let the PC empower his/her phisical scores (Strengh, Dexterity and Constitution). The variation I chose (mutagenic rager) mixes this special ability with the alchemist's one creating special potions that changes the ability of the person who drink it. Creating a PC, players have to choose also the personality, so the allignment of the character. Rilka started as a Chaotic Neutral (CN; someone who do not like law and do good and evil actions equally) and finished as a Chaotic Evil (CE; someone who do not like law and do mainly bad actions, for his/her personal entertainment). Someone of you will ask "Why this changing?", because at the end of the adventure Rilka and her companions had to face five enemies too strong for them, so they had to decide if die or live. Rilka and another companion decided to live, so they sided with the five enemies. Before this strange ending, the outcome of Rilka's creation was a wonderful and powerful warrior.

I hope you liked this post and, please, let me know in the comments below if you want read other backgrounds.
Thank you for reading and following.

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  1. These are cool RPCs! My favorite one that I've ever made has to be Twybor Taumaer, my RPC for Skyrim. She's a cat-like race called a Kajiit and I had her marry a former werewolf. It was pretty epic. XD

    1. So nice Victoria XD my PC was a werewolf too in Skyrim *-*