domenica 30 ottobre 2016

Just a minute in...October

Seemed yesterday when I was waiting for my first two weeks of vacation and now I have just realized that we are yet next to November. So it means that it's time for our montly appointment!

As you understood by reading the first lines of this post, October for me passed really rapidly. I spent two weeks in complete relaxation, playing computer games, reading, cooking and baking. The stay in the hot springs of Abano was waiting! I relaxed and recharged for start a new strong period at work with the right energy and with the best dose of optimism. During this month I meet again my sweet friend Martina, even if only for less than one hour I was very happy to see her again. Other? Oh yes! I baked a lot. It was a long time since I baked so and I really enjoyed.
READING: "A hunger like no other" by Kresley Cole
LISTENING: I listened to the radio for all the month
WATCHING: the TV series "Burn notice"
BUYING: chocolate, teas,'s autumn, it's time for whatever is hot!
LOVING: vacation at the hot springs with my boyfriend and playing violin
WANTING: I want a tablet
FEELING: happy and relaxed

Have a nice Halloween!

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  1. Oooo hot springs! I went to hot springs in Canada once. They're so wonderful. ^ ^