venerdì 7 ottobre 2016

Anime Review: Kotetsujou no kabaneri

"Kotetsujo no kabaneri" by Tetsuro Araki is an anime setted in the years of the industrial revolution. A strange virus transforms people in zombies, called kabanes, who can't be killed unless hit their heart. On Hinomoto island people built fortified train stations to cope with this dangerous situation. The main character, Ikoma, is an ingeneer that created a new arm that can break the iron protection around the hearts of the kabanes.

The anime is good I liked it. The story is quite simple, sometimes taken for garanted but I loved more the steampunk atmosphere. My boyfriend and I will take inspiration from this anime to bild something for our next cosplay.

I liked also zombies waves, similar to those of the film "Warld War Z". I loved in particular the scenes where kabanes attached all together growing in a bigger one.

Well, I cannot say more, as usual, because if you are interested in watch it you should watch it without I be a spoiler.

Good vision.

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