venerdì 30 settembre 2016

Just a minute in...September

Hello blog friends!

September has been a quiet month. All coworkers come back from vacations week will be my turn! After one year of work without stops, I am waiting vacations very trepidatious. This month I didn't do something particular except watching anime with my boyfriend and play boardgames. During this week I lighted lavender scented candels and lotus incenses, my favorites.
READING: I recently started a new book "Something out there" by Bruno Arpaia.
LISTENING: a mix of old songs I used to listen when I went to school.
WATCHING: the anime "Kabaneri of the iron fortress"
BUYING: nothing for this month
LOVING: I loved feel the emotion of one year ago, when I started work at Mc Donald's
WANTING: I desired for all the time my vacations and now I will have them.
FEELING: very tired, aching because of my back and a bit frustrated. Despite all, I'm happy and proud because at work I am considered one of the best.

2 commenti:

  1. Vacations are great! What are you doing for yours and what are some of your favorite animes? ^ ^

  2. I have two weeks of vacation, this week and the next one. For this week I will meet surely my boyfriend and my sister. Next week I will spend 4 days in thermal baths with my boyfriend *-* I cannot wait :D