sabato 3 settembre 2016

Anime Review: Overlord

Hello readers!

If you are lovers of D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) Role Playing Games you should watch the anime "Overlord (by Kugane Maruyama).

Yggdrasil is a popular virtual reality videogame, but now is closing. Momonga, one of the strongest and most famous player, login for the last time attending for the end of the service, but when the countdown finishes he didn't get logout and he is now his own playing character, a powerful elder wizard lich.

I really loved this anime, it is like fantastic advetures we usually play. The story is completely different from the usual ones: it is focused on the atagonists instead of the protagonists. They are all evil non-humans, trying to conquer the new world where they appeared.

Actually you can find only the first series, because it is not finished yet. If you are anxious to know something more let's read the manga.

I wish you a nice weekend!

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