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Anime Review: HunterXHunter

Hello readers! How are you?
Browsing my blog some days ago, I noticed that I did not write a review for the best anime I have ever seen: Hunter X Hunter. I am sure some of you know it, probably very well and you are probably asking "Why she does not write something about it?" I am really sorry, but I watched it more than one year ago and I completly forgot its review. But I will mend my mistake right now!
Main plot is very simple: it talks about a boy, Gon, who leaves his homeland searching his father. Who does not know the anime could think "How boring!" but I say, no, absolutely no! Main plot is a very small part of the plot.
During his travel, Gon will meet other 3 main characters: Leorio, a young boy (do not be fooled by appearances!) who want become a great doctor, Kurapika, the last survivor of his family and Killua, son of murderers' family (very nice group, don't you?). The group passes the Hunters' exam and then they will go each one by their way. In the fourth saga, Gon and Killua go together to the Heavens Arena, where they are trained by Master Wing on using Nen, a Qi-like life energy used to manifest parapsycological abilities. After this, the group reunite in Yorkshin City where is in progress an auction of rare objects. There they find the Phantom Brigade, a group of thieves guilty of the extinxtion of Kurapika's family. During the auction, Gon and Killua discover that Gon's father is one of the creators of the videogame called Greed Island and that a big buyer is needing people able to use Nen for complete the game that has never been completed. The two friends accept to participate at this game and at the end Gon receive an artifact that he think will bring him to his father but the artifact bring both Gon and Killua to Kite instead. There they help Kite with his research descovering a new kind of man-sized insects called Chimera Ant that are occuping an island called Neo-Green Life (N.G.L.) by eating all the inhabitants. Once the danger of Chimera Ants was deleted, all the community of hunters is called for the election of the new president and finally, during this special event, Gon meets his father.

The complete series is composed by 148 episodes and divided in 8 sagas. For the ones that have never seen this anime (you must watch it tomorrow! :D ), I am talking about the adaptation of the year 2011. The previews one was related in 1998 and does not contain the last two sagas (Chimera Ant and the elections of the hunters' president).

I loved the entire series, but my favourite saga is the Chimera Ant. Full of twists and emotions. My boyfriend knows that when I cry during an anime, it means that it is (for me) wanderful. Tiarjerker final? Maybe. I heard friends that were very happy about the ending of the 7th saga. I cried instead...a lot (and my boyfriend to :P ).
Well, I hope you liked my review. If you want, I will be pleased if you want leave comments in the space below.
Thank you for reading!

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