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Film Review: Annihilation

Hello readers!

Finally I watched the film of the first book of my favourite trillogy. I was waiting for it for 3 years and now it arrived! I'm talking about the "Area X" trillogy. I read the books and then I was waiting for the films. You can find the review of the books in these 3 posts:
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A group of five women is sent into an area strangely covered by a strange barrier. Inside it, the vegetation is everywhere and it is in a continuous expansion. The five women have the mission of find new informations about the anomaly. They start their journey and the most they go into, the most they descover uncommon mutations. They are particularly hit by a macabre video of the previeus expedition and by a mysterious "composition". Along their way they are also attacked by a crocodile and a bear-shape being that had a human voice. Only two of them arrive to the lighthouse, the structure that seemed a possible fulcrum of everything.

In general I liked the film. It's atmosphere is mysterious enough and sometimes distressing but not so much. The special effects are good, I liked in particular the bear-shape being and the human shape who copied all the movements of the protagonist in the final scene.
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I don't feel really able to write an objective comment about the film because I read the book before. I found a lot of differences and I have to say that I prefer the book. Its atmosphere was more obscure and more distressing, instead of the film where it sometimes resulted like if they were in the Alice's Wonderland.

As usual, I suggest you to see the film, it's worth it. It's on Netflix but you can also find it in streaming.

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  1. I haven't read the book, but I really liked the film Annihilation. It had neat symbolism and themes.