sabato 2 giugno 2018

Hybrids War - Prologue

Drawn by me

In Rome it seemed a normal Saturday night. The locals swarmed of people, some drunk and some other less. The centre was lighted up and also all the monuments. Trevi fountain was shining among all those groups of tourists, Saint Peter’s Basilica was the master and the Parliament was full of politicians work. Nothing demonstrated that Saturday night would be different from the others.

In the suburbs everything was tranquil. Some passers-by were walking back home, some cars shot with high volume music.

Later in the night, or earlier in the morning, everything calmed down. Going straight on his home street, a man was tottering. When he arrived in front of the gate he took the key for unlock it, but he heard something at his back. He turned but there was nothing strange. Probably it was only the alcohol. He succeeded on opening the gate, even if with some difficulties, and he entered the alleyway. While he was walking with some difficulties reaching the door, a presence shot again at his back. At that point he understood there was something strange. Suddenly he turned and drew a knife from the pocket. His breath started to shorten. The sweat started to cover his face. He asked once “Who’s there?” and a shape assaulted and dismembered the man. All finished in a few seconds and the black shape disappeared as it appeared. From there all begun.


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