domenica 5 agosto 2018

Summer purchases

Hello readers! How's going your summer?

I finally recovered almost completely my leg. Now I can start again working even if I still have to pay attention. I have to be patient too because sometimes it still hurts. But it doesn't matter! Now I'm fine and yesterday morning I went for a little shopping.

I took advantage of sales and I bought some new makeup products so I can through away some old ones. I bought also two swimsuits, a pair of jeans shorts, a bathrobe and a pair of slippers for the pool...yes, my boyfriend and I will go to the spa also this year, summer this time. Now that our jobs let us have vacationed in summer, during the same days, we want to enjoy them!
Took by me
Took by me - I like both, but I love the one at the right
Took by me - the slippers are so sweet
Took by me - I'm so happy about finding shorts of my size
How about your summer projects? Do you go somewhere on vacations? What do you usually prefer: sea or mountains? Feel free to leave comments.

Have a nice weekend!

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