domenica 22 aprile 2018

Because sometimes we need to rearrange ideas

It's a bit of time I don't write anything. I noticed I was falling on monotony with my blog. I took these three weeks for study what I was doing wrong and I found some mistakes. Now I'm rearranging ideas for recovering the blog and make it less monotonous, like I was doing at the beguinning.
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For (re)starting well, in this post I will talk about my new daily routine.
First of all, I work. I worked a lot, from Monday to Friday. I'm really loving my new job. I work eight hours a day and all my evenings are "free"...more or less. On Monday and Wednesday evening I give private lessons. On Tuesday and Thrusday I meet with my bofriend and friends for our Role Playing Games. On Friday evening I have violin lesson. On Saturday morning I usually stay home or I go to the open-air market with Mum. In the afternoon I stay with Diego watching animes or other tv series and in the evening we meet with other friends. On Sunday I usually stay home. I relax, I keep time for me, for playing ocomputer games or watching films. I use my little free time also for thinking about future. My boyfriend and I are projecting to leave our respective home. We are thinking to a little flat where we can finally live together.

I'm taking care of me a little more than before. I use a little more of makeup products and I'm trying new style of wearing and makeup. I'm studying a good diet for me with the right quantity of physical activity. I will ask advices to a friend of mine who studied and who is working in this area.
Took from me - Spaghetti with mussels
I found again the pleasure of cooking. When I have time I cook something good for my work lunch of the day after. And in the weekend I cook something good for Mum, Dad or friends. My last experiences in restaurants weren't so awful at the end. I had bad days, it's sure, but I learnt a lot to.

Have a nice Sunday!

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  1. I love cooking! What are some of your favorite recipes to make? Spaghetti with muscles sounds good! I've never had muscles before. XD

    1. I love baking cakes. My favourite ones are chocolate cake and madeira cake. So simple and so good!
      You have never ate mussles? Really? You should, I suggest you to try them if you will have the occasion.