sabato 3 marzo 2018

Just a Minute in...February

Picture took from me
Hello readers!

It's a very long time I don't write anything. I'm so sorry.

February was a very busy month and full of changes. It started normally and than became more and more busy. I started a new job while I was still working and I worked for 2 weeks without breath. Now I'm closing with the old job for dedicate all my energies to the new one.

READING: I didn't read anything...
WATCHING: My boyfriend and I started the new series of the anime"Overlord".
LISTENING: I listen to the radio.
BUYING: I didn't buy anything because I have to save some money.
LOVING: my new job.
WANTING: for now I don't want anything
FEELING: I'm feeling so happy.

How was your February? Lets tell me something.

Happy saturday.

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