giovedì 1 giugno 2017

Just a Minute in...May

Hello readers!
May have been a beautiful month. Spring arrived bringing wanderful warm days and I started my English lessons preaparing for my First Certificate Exams. I meet with the teacher once par week for one hour and we talk only in English. I'm really loving it! At work, managers gave me a lot of days off, because I have too many vacations days left (they say). Last Sunday I played at the ending year concert of the music school and I was so satisfied of the way I played, and my violin teacher was satisfied to.
READING: pathfinder's monual for a new Character.
LISTENING: a 3 hours compilation of jazz music.
WATCHING: the second season of "Boku No Hero Academia"
BUYING: shoes. I've bought 3 pair of shoes for this summer.
LOVING: I'm loving English and violin lessons.
WANTING: nothing in particular for now.
FEELING: relaxed.

How was your May? Feel free to leave comments.
Have a nice week.

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