lunedì 26 giugno 2017

Multi-playing: from past to present

Hello readers!

Some days ago, my boyfriend and I were talking about how Internet changed gamers lives and while we were talking about he inspired me this post.

Till some years ago, if people wanted to play with friends they had to go to their friend's home and play. Sitting on the sofa or on the carpet, chatting or arguing because of "you won, it's unfair!" (obviously, nicely). And if people were more than two in front of the same game, they had to wait their moment to play, because older consoles had only two joysticks, like Nintendo or PS1.

Than came Internet and all changed. If people want to play together have only to send a message to their friends and start to play. Each one sitting on their chairs, in front of their computers and, probably, with a pair of earphones on their head. This is the modern way for multi-playing. And what about chatting? There are a lot of kind of chats today, but can be said that is really better than before?

Talking about playing together, I like modern multi-player games, I play a lot, but I'm a bit nostalgic of meeting together with friends and making a lot of noise in living rooms. And I miss also parents who was always scolding us for the noise.

And you? What do you think about? Feel free to leave comments below!

Have a nice week.

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