venerdì 2 febbraio 2018

Welcome February!

Picture by Pinterest
Carnival is near. I'm really happy because it's time for fritters and crostoli. I love apple fritters and I think I will eat a lot of them. I like also fritters with cream or raisins.
Carnival is good also for cosplaying. Maybe I will be able to participate at one or two events near my home.
I looked for a "new" car and I found it! It will be ready even for the next week! It's an italian car and it is like I wanted.
For this month I want to project a new coslay for an event at the end of March. I would like to create a good witch. The event is organized by a park for the opening of the season, so I'm thinking to a witch of nature. Maybe a simple green long dress and some flouers and leaves.

What kind of costume would you create for the coming Spring? Let me know your ideas!

Happy February everybody and happy carnival!

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