mercoledì 7 febbraio 2018

Film Review: The last Samurai

Last Sunday night I watched one of my favorite films on tv. Now I would share with you its review.
The film is "The last samurai" by Eduard Zwick.

The story talks about an american captain who is hired from Japanese people after the war against American Indians. They need someone able to train inexpert japanese soldiers for suppressing what they think it's a samurai rebellion. During a battle the captain is taken prisoner from samurai and he's brought in a small village on the mountains. There he learns a lot about the life of samurai. In spring he comes back to Tokyo.

I really like this film. Because it talks about Japan and its traditions. I love most of the samurai's way of life. I love their meditation, their capacity of living firmly in contact with nature and their self-analysis. Martial arts are beautiful disciplines and "Bushido" could has many thing to teach to us Occidental people.

Have you ever seen this film? Do you like Japan and its culture? Is there something in particular that you love about Japan? What do you think about samurai? Feel free to leave comments with your answers.

Have a nice wednesday.

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