domenica 4 febbraio 2018

3 things I've loved this week

This week wasn't so good for me, but I have something good to share with you. I spent the most of the time illed. The flu of this winter is absolutely bad.

1. First of all, I signed a new job contract with the restaurant where I'm working now. The contract will expire at the end of March so...I'm not sure it will become an apprenticeship or something else longer. Fortunately I'm not desponding. There are other possibility all around me, I have only to look for them.

2. For a dinner, I cooked a pizza with a box of puff pastry I found in the fridge. I cooked it really simply: tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and grated zucchini.
Picture by me
3. For Tuesday dinner, with my boyfriend, I cooked really tasty gnocchi with speck and cream. So good!
Picture by me
How was your week? Tell me the best things you've done.

Have a nice Sunday.

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