giovedì 30 novembre 2017

Just a minute in...November

Hello readers!
November passed quickly, it's already finished! Lots of things happened this month. I received a new job offer and my boyfriend to. He started this week while I will start at the middle of december with the new job. I have to postpone my registration at university until January 2018...I will take advantage of this postposition for study more and better.

READING: I didn't only read something, I studied a lot of things.
WATCHING: the anime "Mirai Nikki"
LISTENING: I listened to the ost of my favourite videogame "Skyrim"
BUYING: nothing. I have to save money for the university.
LOVING: everything.
WANTING: I want to have success on my new job.
FEELING: I feel a bit nervous, but I'm happy.

How was your November? Let me know in the comments.

Have a nice December.

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