domenica 5 novembre 2017

3 things I've loved this week

Also the second week of vacations passed and from tomorrow I will come back to work. But this week was full of lovely events.
1. I finally found a telematic university that I can attend while I'm working. All the lessons are registered videos and there's no books, only online pdf files when needed. I can manage the time for view the videos of the lessons and, obviously, I can manage my time for studying.

2. On friday evening my boyfriend end my friends Giacomo and Giulia decided to meet all together and spend a funny evening.

3. I spent a beautiful Sunday with my family and boyfriend. We had lunch together and in the afternoon my boyfriend and I played "Caverna" a tranquil management boardgame.

How was you week? Let me know in the comments.

Have a nice new week.

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