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Top 5 horror stories

Hello readers!
Yesterday was Halloween and for the "Wednesday Review" of this week I thought to do a list of my favourite 5 horror stories. They come out from animes, mangas, books and fimls.

1. Hellsing Ultimate - Anime: Nazis rise again in the 20th century planning to conquer London. The Hellsing organization protects the English capital from Nazi vampires with the biggest of all vampires.

2. Corpse Party - Manga: the story talks about a group of friends who is thrown in different dimensions of their school. There they find a lot of corpses and the evil souls of three children that have been brutally murdered many years before. In these dimensions the students are victims of strange accidents. They see also every kind of terrifying things like a large spot of blood and guts on a wall.
3. Van Helsing - Film: Van Helsing is the most popular monster hunter of the Europe. He works for the Vatican and one day they receive a help request from the last vampire hunter of Transilvania. She needs to fight Dracula before dieing and brack the curse on her family. The curse doesn't let her and her family reach Paradise forcing them to stay in Purgatory.

4. Frankenstein of Mary Shelley - Film/book: Dr Frankenstein is a medical science student of the 19th century. After the deah of his mother he cultivates an obsession for the ressurection of deads. During his studies he finds a teacher who is studing the resurrection and that succeded with a gorilla arm. After the death of the man, Victor uses his notes and creates a monster stitching up pieces of dead people.

5. Dracula of Bram Stoker - Film: the Count Vlad loses his wife during Crusades because she commits suicide. The Count repudiate his Christianity and beocme a vampire the first of the history. Many centuries later he finds a girl who is very similar to his wife and he fall in love. He wants to transform her in a vampire and live together forever.
This is my top 5 horror stories. What are your favourite horror stories? Is there a particular monster that you like the most? Let me know in the comments.

Have a nice week.

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