mercoledì 1 febbraio 2017

Just a Minute in...January

Hello dears!

The new year has started yet, and the first month is winding down. During it there was a little bit of snow that iced and now it's still here. Despite various economic difficulties I've been able to find the occasion of going out with my boyfriend and friends, having a good cup of chocolate at "Falcetto d'Oro" bar or a big dish of Chinese food in our favorite Chinese restaurant. I've also started a new course (obligatory for my job contract) where we talked about happiness and emotional intelligence (during our first lesson).
READING: posts on bloglovin'
LISTENING: the OST of the film "300"
WATCHING: the new film "Miss Peregrin's House for Peculiar Children"
BUYING: my wonderful little tablet-pc
LOVING: the landscapes of the place where I live
WANTING: for the moment I'm pleased so
FEELING: well improved

Have a beautiful weekend!

2 commenti:

  1. Oh it's snowing? Which part in Italy gets snow? I always pictured it with Mediterranean environment and that means now snow in my mind. XD

  2. Here in North Italy we see the snow every year! This year snowed a lot also in the Centre, up to 2 meters (6 feets)!